Qobuz favourites: please, please, please [...]

Andrew’s method worked for me. If you’ve added purchased albums to your library as local copies, and the same albums have been added again as Qobuz versions as part of the import process, then you can use Focus/Inspector/Duplicates + Focus/Format/Qobuz to identify them for weeding out.

yes, my workflow has always been (long before Roon!):

  • get Qobuz New Releases newsletter
  • pick some albums to listen to
  • purchase (now, with Roon integration, “Add to Library”) or unfavourite them

I’d “like” being able to still do the same :wink:

So I just favourite them - they will get added to the library. If I subsequently purchase the album, I just remove the Qobuz streamed version which is now a duplicate of the local copy.

yes: this way I get all the duplicates (Qobuz purchases) but I need instead to pick just Qobuz favourites :no_mouth:

totally lost here, sorry :frowning:

maybe better waiting for Roon to, first, fix the duplicates mess, then I should be able to easily pick just my favourites :wink:

Roon isn’t going to remove them from your library for you now that they are there.

You are going to have to follow Andrew’s instructions if you want it fixed.


when the issue was first reported they said it would be fixed in an upcoming update :no_mouth:
(Roon 1.6 feedback thread)

For future occurrences - but it possibly won’t do anything for what’s already happened.

The issue is that albums in Qobuz marked as Purchased are also getting included in the library along with your favourited albums as part of the sync process. It’s possible that the update will undo the original damage, but it may just stop future purchases from being added…

so… I have to focus on “Qobuz” + “Duplicates” and follow the instructions in here? and from there on all will be fine?

this will also remove Hi-Res versions of CD quality albums I added recently but… ok :cry:

btw… can we please have a “Total” count for albums in “Qobuz Favourites Albums” and “Qobuz Album Purchases”? Otherwise I can only cross my fingers and hope “Focus” gets it right :roll_eyes:

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No! those instructions are for removing Tagged albums - where the tags have been automatically created for TIDAL collections.

Just use the Focus filters that I gave previously, and then examine the albums that that gives. You should be able to work out which albums you then need to select and delete (select multiple albums, and then one delete operation…).

too many to “manually” check!!! that’s why I asked for a Total count in Purchases and Favourites so I can, at least, have a rough grasp if results from Focus are correct

seriously: my Library is, at present, a complete mess! I can only rely on Search or Discover :angry:

You can at least display the results in date added order (starting from the most recent), then your confidence should be higher for the newer albums? Give it a go!

“Date Added” is how I always used to navigate my Library
Now there are hundreds of duplicates randomly mixed with hundreds of favourites before I get to what I used to know :cry:

Then you haven’t applied both Focus criteria simultaneously? You should only be seeing those albums that are duplicated within your Qobuz favourites…

sure, that’s what I asked previously: once there (focus on Qobuz + Duplicates) can I safely delete the whole result from my library?
This gives a total of about 250 Albums but… I’m “pretty sure” I bought more in these 7 years

afterwards… I’ll still have to cope with Favourites :frowning:

all this when a simple user selectable option “Add/Do Not” to Library would have been enough and let everyone do what he better likes :roll_eyes:

If they are Qobuz versions (i.e. streamed), does it matter if you delete them? You can always add Qobuz albums as favourites again. The important thing is not to delete local copies - but these should not be showing up in this Focus anyway…

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Sorry I didn’t pay enough attention to Tag vs Focus in that article.

Personally if I was in your situation I would be tempted to delete all Qobuz favorites from my library and start fresh. Selecting Qobuz content in Focus should only select streamable albums and leave your locally downloaded Qobuz content alone. @Geoff_Coupe can confirm that.

in the while I’m looking at my library sorting it “By Artist” and manually deleting duplicates from Qobuz one by one :cry:

looks it was totally random which Qobuz Purchases have been added and which not (I was right thinking that in 7 years I bought more than the 250 albums “Focus” finds) so… even if adding them to users libraries was intentional on Roon’s part… it’s a fail! :roll_eyes: