Qobuz: how do I remove a favourite album?

I can’t find a way to remove an album from Qobuz > Favourite Albums.
Any suggestions?

I think the fastest way is through the Qobuz app.
Doing it through Roon you will need to delete the album.
(Someone please correct me if I am wrong)

Thanks for the quick reponse. The strange thing is, I have no options to edit/delete the album in Roon… Seems as if they are were not added to Roon. But they actually are, because they also do appear under Library > Albums.

Hi Marc

As the album appears in your library, can’t you select the album by (Windows) right-clicking. Once selected you should be able to Edit - then Delete.


Thanks, yes I can select it, but there is no edit/delete options. Only Play Now and Add To Library…

Favoriting an album in Qobuz doesn’t automatically add it to the library. Don’t you know this is Roon? What should take one step always takes two or three. Add it to the library and then you can edit.

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Favoriting an album in Qobuz normally does add it into one’s library.
It has never failed on me

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Ok, just tried it and it does. But I think one needs to click the sync first. Also, an album I favorited in Qobuz shows as added to library in Overview but not in the Qobuz - My Favorites, where it still shows "Add To Library and no editing options. So perhaps the OP isn’t looking at the correct screen.

Mine is the same. You will need to go into Library/Albums menu and delete from there. Not sure why you can’t do it from Browse/Qobuz/My Qobuz.

Because you cannot ‘delete’ an album from the Qobuz servers.
If you use the Qobuz app or go on their website, you would not wantto delete an album there, do you?
You can defavourite (unheart) an album in Roon-Qobuz-My Qobuz and the album will be removed from your library. (In fact it is not deleted as there was only a link in the database, the album itself was never there).

Don’t think you can do this in Roon but have to “unfavourite” in Qobuz itself. I just find it much easier/faster to add/remove favourites through Qobuz and then go to Roon/Settings/Service/Qobuz and sync the library immediately rather than wait for Roon to update overnight (or whenever it happens).

You can do it from within Roon.
However, just like you, I do it from Qobuz app:grinning:

CORRECTION: I am completely wrong!!
One cannot unheart from within Roon.
If you delete an album in Roon’scAlbum view, then the album is automatically unhearted inQobuz after synchronization takes place.

Thanks for all the replies.

Nope, not in my Roon ;-( Not from Qobuz > My Qobuz, and not from Library > Albums.

I have also sync’ed Qobuz from Settings > Services, and from Qobuz > Reload icon

I will report this as a bug…

Hi @leidner,

To clear up some things:

  • When viewing in album in your library, you should see the option to delete
  • When viewing an album outside of your library, you do not have the option to delete
  • When you navigate to an album from within the Qobuz section of Roon, you see the album as it is from Qobuz, not as it is from your Roon library (so there should be no delete option here)
  • If you navigate to the album in other places in Roon (album browser, artist page, etc.) you should have that option to delete

If you’re not seeing the delete option in the last bullet point above, can you share a video (or series of screenshots) of how you navigate to this album and showing that there is no delete option? We can then take a look and see why it’s not working for you.


Hi Dylan,

Great this is what I was looking for! I indeed have an option to delete the album when browsing from Library > Albums. No sure why I did not see this before… perhaps because the delete option is out of sight at the bottom of the edit menu.

Just for the sake of trying to understand how Roon works:

What do you mean by “you see the album as it is from Qobuz”? How would this be different, the album is the same right?

To me, this is confusing. Why have a button “Add To Library” on an album that actually already resides in my library?
The heading “Favorite Albums” indicates these albums are part of my personal collection e.g. library, or aren’t they? Or is there a difference between Library and Favorites?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @leidner,

Roon gives you all sorts of editing tools — You can change the name of the album, the artwork, even re-identify the album as something else completely if you chose to do so. Because of these editing tools, the album in your library might not match with the album as it exists in Qobuz.

When you make these changes they are exclusive to Roon. If you went to the Qobuz app, the album is presented as-is and there is no changing it. To account for this, we present the Qobuz (and TIDAL) section of Roon without any modification as it is from Qobuz (i.e. the version of the album not in your library).

If you’re wanting to see your in-library Qobuz content, the best option is to use a Focus on the Album Browser. You can also make a bookmark so that you can easily pull up your Qobuz albums from anywhere by selecting that bookmark.

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Cool, thanks for the explanation! Not sure if it’s my cup of tea, but at least now I understand how it works :wink:

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