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The Roon Core runs on an Euphony.

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Hello I can’t log in Qobuz from Roon, every time I try it gives me a sudden error message. Everything else works perfectly both Tidal and the connection to the NAS.

Previously it didn’t give any problems the error has been occurring since Friday last week. I turned off Euphony and restarted my computer but it didn’t solve the problem.

Use your Qobuz e-mail address to login, not the username.

hello Mr. Peter I tested both with the username and email of the qobuz account, I even have two different accounts having subscribed to a sublime duo plan and always unexpected error as if there was no communication between roon and qobuz.

Hey @natale_scrima,

I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you were still running into issues gaining access to your Qobuz account through Roon?

After taking a look at your account, your core does seem to have an active Qobuz account currently synced. Let me know!

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