Qobuz in Australia

I have been scouring the interwebs a few times a day and have found nothing. I have asked Qobuz on Facebook Messenger and they are being very coy with no information other than stay tuned.

Still trying to figure out if I want to go the $599 yearly family plan or something more affordable.

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Yeah - I got the same “zero substance” response to an email I sent.

The pricing is all there on the en-au subpages, I’m just seeing some minor QA issues where tab titles are still in french and the like. It seems like it’s been close for a couple of weeks.

But you are happy to listen to tidal and MQA and its nonsense until something else comes along…

Last Saturday,3 April, just to see what happened, I managed to get through the whole application process and successfully subscribed to an annual subscription paying through PayPal. Currently listening here in Adelaide but unfortunately not through Roon but my Auralic Aries and the Qobuz app. Reminds me why I like Roon. Roon loads some information, such as my playlists, but no music.
Lodged a ticket with Roon but after not receiving a response, posted on the support forum on Wednesday. Disappointed there is still no response to either. (Never thought I’d be saying that after 5+ happy years)

Nice. I wonder how you managed to sign up. I kept getting some error in regards that you only had to be a tester.

It’s a shame you were having issues with Roon. Suprised that support has not replied. Hopefully the help on the forums has fixed your issues.

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Yes, I was really surprised that it seemed to be so easy. I can only guess that I struck it completely at the right time when they were testing or something similar. Nice to get a win occasionally :wink:
It does seem (to me) a problem with Roon servers as I have tried every trick. Rebooting, logout, etc, etc. It’s as though I’m being geoblocked. Can’t imagine why as Qobuz is totally aware I’m in Oz and all their apps work perfectly.

I have been a long term subscriber to Qobuz living in Australia. I signed up to Qobuz France without realising that this should have been theoretically impossible - and I was not using and do not use any VPN. I am able to play through Roon and I have never had any problems with it. They do say that once you are subscribed you can access Qobuz anywhere in the world.

Since they have introduced the Australian site, I have problems with the website (not the web player) directing me to the Australian site, which I have to work around, but everything else is still working OK. I use the website to purchase downloads.

Your problems playing though Roon, could be that they have not yet fully configured the Australian site.

I much prefer Qobuz to Tidal - particular as they are more directed my particular interests (Classical) - and the PDF booklets are available for most new releases (and are also accessible through Roon). They also offer good discounts for their “Sublime” subscribers for downloads.

I am watching this with interest as the AUD subscription price appears to be cheaper than the Euro price. It will also be interesting to compare their charges for downloads.

Anyone know if the app is available in the aus apple App Store?

That’s interesting you managed to get a French subscription. I made a few attempts using a VPN for a UK or US subscription but to no avail.
The other day I was directed to the Australian site where I registered with my home address. Maybe once things settle down, you may be able transfer.
With my Australian account I am now able to use the Qobuz Web player, the Windows 10 app and, after hunting down the APK, the Android app. My Auralic ARIES, like ROON, has a direct login available through its Lightning DS suite and that works fine. It is just Roon that won’t work.
I would understand if Roon was unable to link Qobuz to Australia for some reason but I would just appreciate knowing what is going on.

I’ve been checking both the apple app store and google play store regularly, but nothing so far.

I subscribed several years ago. I suspect, at that stage, they did not have their security properly configured. My understanding is that Qobuz has not yet formally launched in Australia. However, I would stay with the French site, if for whatever reason, Qobuz Australia does not work through Roon. I hope that this is a temporary glitch.

I have just tried to register with Roon Australia for the free trial - using a different email address, and am getting the message that the site is only available for testers.

I had a Qobuz account I set-up on the French site years ago but never bought a subscription.
About 12 days ago I was able to sign up to a Qobuz AU subscription.
Has been working fine via the Qobuz app and SQ is better than Tidal IMO - though much Hi-res content is being held back, supposedly until the mid April official launch.
Unfortunately no Qobuz content is available in Roon, though it logs on and shows Playlists I create.
Very frustrating as the Qobuz app and Audirvana work fine - Roon once again dragging the chain.

Checked with Roon again this morning and now Qobuz tracks are available. :grinning:
Thanks Roon guys - sorry about the rant above. :+1:

You mean Qobuz AU?

Great news. Qobuz available in Australia. Working on Roon. Only issue is that Google Playstore Qobuz app not available in Australia yet. I am currently running Qobuz on Roon.

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Thanks for the update, Darren. I tried to sign up again last night and received the message about only being available for testers. Heading back to the Qobuz site as soon as my next meeting finishes!

Same mate. All seems well now. Playstore is advising that Qobuz app not available in Australia. I downloaded the Qobuz app from a third party website and it works.

Roon integration is fine. Happy days.

I can confirm that I was able to register without any issue now, finally. Today is a good day for sure.


I was able to integrate Qobuz with Roon but I can’t figure out how to add Qobuz as one of the source. Do I have to disable Tidal first?

I’m not sure if I understand the question but here goes. You search Artist, track, album or whatever. Even if the logo besides the song has Tidal icon don’t worry. You will then have a tab labelled versions. Click on versions and if Qobuz has it it should be listed under the tidal version.