Qobuz in Canada

I dearly hope you are right; do you know what the hold-up has been? Rights?

@Michael_Giunta , David Solomon, Chief Qobuz Evangelist and VP of Business Development (and all around terrific guy) announced it is a definite. A little more patience and :canada: will have Qobuz.

Hi David,

I want to believe. I sent him an email directly. Let’s see what he says to me.


Sorry I bothered. I don’t care for you implying I’m a liar. Have a good holiday.

Glad you did intercede Neil,

Like you(perhaps) I believe Qobuz is worth having in Canada. Heard it , saw it in the US and will pony up for it but it has been an unreasonable amount of time.

cheers to the holiday (but not the holiday music!)

no implication intended…really.

Does this mean QUB streaming is HiFi quality (16/44 and higher)? There are no information on bit rate or quality.

Aucune idée


thank you for mentioning David Solomon. I had a very encouraging back and forth with him. You are right. He seems a very affable and believable man. I see why you feel Qobuz in Canada is a sooner than later proposition. I already have my wish for 2023 fulfilled! Maybe it’s not too late to sneak another wish in for 2023.

best regards for the new year.

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@Michael_Giunta and @Norman_Spector a response from David ~1 hour ago. Thought you’d like a better timeframe. My best.

qobuz canada_nameless

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NO….mp3 sound

no it’s Only mp3

wow, Qobuz in Canada? That’s a first. Any chance there will be a special for Roon users?

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@Michael_Giunta and @Norman_Spector a response from David ~1 minute ago . Thought you’d like the latest timeframe. Looks like June now.


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that’s too bad Neil. I wonder what the logjam is all about. I know there is some big issues brewing with the collapse of Spotify valuation recently and a huge push by Universal to “make things right for artists (themselves)” by starting talks to rejig the rights and reporting regimes but … oh well.

what choice do we have… (and don’t say Tidal…)



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@Michael_Giunta , I don’t know the exact reason. But I have no reason to doubt David (who I’ve known for years now), and having a commitment from Qobuz that they are actively working to get Canada onboard beats “no idea” in my book. Since I have significant family in Canada, I’m just as anxious as the rest.

Hopefully licensing, server/infrastructure, royalties and all that “stuff” will be completed by the end of June. If I hear otherwise, I’ll post it here. :beers:


Fingers crossed then.


It is very good of you to keep me and the ROON community Qobuz informed.

best regards,