Qobuz in non-supported countries

Now with Qobuz arrival to Roon, someone who lives in Sweden asks. When comes Qobuz here.

Is there any way to get an account anyway? There must be many Roon users in Sweden who ask the same thing


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Seems I also have Pink Floyd on Qobuz, but they don’t show up on “Versions”. For example, if I select “The Wall” from Tidal and show versions, I don’t see the Qobuz version of “The Wall”. Some work left on meta-data perhaps?

There is no paying for Qobuz during the trial period. But how do you intend to pay later your monthly fees for Qobuz if you continue to use VPN? The credit cards are not that international, but have local billing addresses. I used to make a virtual credit card (Entropay) with US billing address some time ago to get Netflix when it was not available in Estonia.

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I will use PayPal :slight_smile:

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Hi @Thomas_Borjesson
I have had qobuz for a while and I’m registered in Ireland :smile:.
I contacted them and they put up a account for me, with no obligation to select any of their different products!
It’s my best advice to you and other users in Sweden or any other countries that don’t have qobuz :+1:

Love & Respect


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Hi @Anders_Strengberg
I have contacted Qobuz without much success. I wrote as you suggested and this is the answer I got.
“” Hello,
Unfortunately we currently do not operate in Sweden but our ambition is global so stay tuned!
Thank you,![

Now I have registered an account via a VPN tunnel remains to see how it should work with the payment when the trial period is over.


Hi @Thomas_Borjesson

Strange answer you get, they should make it easy to register a account for us Roon users, right?
No matter if they operate in this case Sweden, or not!
I read that they don’t have the same kind of music, available in the country’s qobuz operates, but I don’t understand why they don’t have it, because it’s not especially smart!
Okay it’s new that they are working with Roon but it’s should have been fixed, before they released it but that’s opinion!
I hope the registration of your account will work, right when it’s time to pay for it!
So you don’t have to get a new one, so the music albums and playlists that you save now will disappear and you have to make it all over again!
Good luck :+1:


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Hi @Anders_Strengberg
The big question now is how payment will work with a Swedish credit card. What do you use for credit cards when you are registered in Ireland. I think there will be problems with VAT. I have used PAYPAL with it is for a Swedish credit card


Hi @Thomas_Borjesson
Don’t worry about it, they will solve that “issue”!
I choose’d the Studio alternative free for 1 month.
I received a conformation from Apple iTunes, it cost 355kr
and I pay all my music related bills on my mobile phone account.
It’s smooth to do it that way!

Love & Respect


Hi I am also in Australia and have a subscription to Qobuz.
The only problem I have is the text is all in French. Do you know how to change the text to English?
Also I am paying through iTunes at $47.99 a month.
Any advice will be great

Hi Tom,

In the Qobuz app there is a language setting in MyQobuz/Settings (cogwheel)/Interface. This converts most of the app, except Genres. In the PDFs, French is first but other languages usually follow (we Anglos are too used to English first !). It may be that some articles are still in French. If so then a copy paste into Google Translate.

In Roon the only continuing French I see is in Genres. This doesn’t bother me because it’s all pretty obvious, even for my schoolboy French. It also makes me feel cosmopolitan and sophisticated enough to ask @alec_eiffel if I deserve a virtual beret !

Somewhat off-topic but related to French listening. I have become a huge fan of FIP Internet Radio. I listen to it nearly as much as my beloved 3RRR. Check it out with this URL:


Edit: Updated URL


Thank you so much Andrew. Problem solved.
I also subscribe to Tidal and I think I might keep both services.
Tom O’Brien

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At the bottom of the web page version, there is an option to choose country - if you choose UK, you will get English. Under settings, then interface on the app, you have the choice of what language you want.

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I should have added - you would get this much cheaper by subscribing directly through Qobuz (iTunes adds 20%) and using PayPal to pay.

Very good pick @andybob. Eclectic, fun, fantastic live concerts, almost as good as Roon Radio :slight_smile:


Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I live in Sweden and have successfully registered to Qobuz with help of a VPN client, and so far everything looks to be running well with ROON. But the thing is that I’m not able to download the QOBUZ app to my phone. It says it’s not compatible with any of my units. Is this because of my location or is it my OS in my phone or the phone model that is incompatible with the app? (I have a Huawei p20 pro with Android 9). Would appreciate help…

I’d raise that with Qobuz. They don’t seem to really care where you are located for support.

Hi Tom,
Is it Australian $ or US $?

Because I haven’t thought about it until now when I read what you wrote! About iTunes!
qobuz made a account in Ireland so I shall pay 24.99€ for the Studio Subscription per/month.
But to the Apple notice shall I pay 355.00SEK!
24.99€ does only be 262.50SEK!
But I have for example Qello Stingray (live concert streaming)
(Both on my Tv to see and sound)
True Apple iTunes and the payment is on my Mobile Phone monthly payment! It’s not costing me anything more!

qobuz should be on the same way but why does that cost me almost
10.00€ more each month or 120.00€ more for a year?

Strange and it’s not the same price for you in Australia and me in Sweden?

I have wrote to qobuz and asking them about this, so now it’s only to wait for their answer!
I hope that it’s positive otherwise so does my listening to Hi-Res ends the 21 February!
Because I will not pay almost 15.00€ more for qobuz and Hi-Res each month, against TIDAL and their Masters :joy:!

Love & Respect