Qobuz in non-supported countries

I live in Sweden, and we don’t have Qobuz yet, is there any way to get it up and running anyway? I can probably solve it by pretending to be German (VPN and static German IP adress) but that feels like cheating.

I tried to register on Qobuz but got some “invalid store” error.

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I signed up to French Qobuz from Australia (non-supported) using a VPN. After signup I can login without a VPN. No playback problems with hi-res on a 40 Mbs connection.


That worked nicely, trying Qobus in Roon now (Sublime with 1 free month). Cheers for the help.

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Qobuz editorial content and genres are “localised”, bear this in mind when selecting the Qobuz country you are registering to. France is a good choice if you want to get into French pop like @andybob :slight_smile:


Do you sign in with your credentials from vpn access? What language comes up? Which store?

I tried this as well. Through Roon it seems to play fine, but I don’t seem to have access to the Qobuz-app from the Play store. Hopefully we will have access soon, I liked their editorial picks over Tidal’s and would probably switch.

The language and store is based on what country server you used with VPN when creating your account. I was logged into an UK VPN-server, but then I read that Qobuz has localized store and library so don’t know if it was the best selection.

I have had qobuz for a while and I live in Sweden :sweden:
Contact qobuz and tell that you live in xxxxxxxxxxx
So does they make so you can be a member!
When I open my app so does it stand that I live in Ireland :joy:.
Write what you use Roon and want to test it!

Love & Respect


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I dont have Pink Floyd in Qobuz, you would think that they would be available in Qobuz UK

Strange - they are certainly present in Qobuz in the Netherlands with 30 albums

They do 109 releases.

Now with Qobuz arrival to Roon, someone who lives in Sweden asks. When comes Qobuz here.

Is there any way to get an account anyway? There must be many Roon users in Sweden who ask the same thing


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Seems I also have Pink Floyd on Qobuz, but they don’t show up on “Versions”. For example, if I select “The Wall” from Tidal and show versions, I don’t see the Qobuz version of “The Wall”. Some work left on meta-data perhaps?

There is no paying for Qobuz during the trial period. But how do you intend to pay later your monthly fees for Qobuz if you continue to use VPN? The credit cards are not that international, but have local billing addresses. I used to make a virtual credit card (Entropay) with US billing address some time ago to get Netflix when it was not available in Estonia.

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I will use PayPal :slight_smile:

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Hi @Thomas_Borjesson
I have had qobuz for a while and I’m registered in Ireland :smile:.
I contacted them and they put up a account for me, with no obligation to select any of their different products!
It’s my best advice to you and other users in Sweden or any other countries that don’t have qobuz :+1:

Love & Respect


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Hi @Anders_Strengberg
I have contacted Qobuz without much success. I wrote as you suggested and this is the answer I got.
“” Hello,
Unfortunately we currently do not operate in Sweden but our ambition is global so stay tuned!
Thank you,![

Now I have registered an account via a VPN tunnel remains to see how it should work with the payment when the trial period is over.