Qobuz indexing box sets

Copying here an email accidentally sent to subscriptions.


I shall be taking a lifetime Roon sub (I think), especially as since starting the trial Devialet went Roon Ready. I’ve ordered an Innuos Server.

My main disappointment is some of the indexing on Qobuz.

For example, this is Brendel Beethoven Sonatas on Roon Qobuz, Lightrning Qobuz and OSX Qobuz.

The Roon one is unusable because the names of the sonatas are missing and only the movements and tempos are stated.

Is this cataloguing going to be improved?

From Qobuz in Auralic Lightining


From Qobuz in Roon


From Qobuz OSX

I found a whole lot of such examples. Makes Qobuz pretty worthless to use with Roon.
That’s why I suspended my subscription. I think Qobuz integration no thouroughly tested before implementing. That’s a shame.

Hi @anon45776955,

We are currently working with Qobuz on a solution here. I can’t provide any specific timeframes, but we hope to have this information available in Roon soon. We appreciate the feedback!

What this shows is that better integration is possible because Auralic can do it.

For the Roon guys, another example: Search and click on “Brendel Alfred” and you will get two parts of the same release, “Alfred Brendel, the Legendary Mozart & Beethoven Recordings” Vol2 and Vol 3. Vol 3 is properly indexed, but vol 2 isn’t.

I checked on Qobuz and Vol 1 is missing, but Vol 2 is properly indexed. So it is possible for Roon to do it, Roon has done it for Vol 3 but not Vol 2.

If we gave up on every digital audio system for its faults we’d end up only listening to records all the time.

When this happens it is easy for me just to go to Qobuz OSX and play to my Devialet via Roon Air.

My question to Roon remains - it is early days, but what are they doing about this?

Thanks Dylan, keep up the good work, see my second post above for another example issue.

One more point.

If you go to Brautigam The Complete Beethoven sonatas, all nicely indexed on separate discs.

Create a playlist, it gets Sonatas 19 and 20 out of order. Can your algorithms fix this?

Qobuz in OSX and Lightning gives on tracklist in the correct order, your system using multiple discs is only OK if it can generate a playlist in the correct order.

The fact is, Qobuz and Auralic seem to have gone to the effort to properly compile all box sets.

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