Qobuz integration in Roon?

While I’m pretty satisfied with Tidal’s library and Roon integration, Qobuz is attractive since it appears that their hi-Rez tier is lossless rather than suffering the compromises and limitations inherent in lossy MQA.


Some more food for thought: https://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/streaming-wars/

Hmm I’m struggling to find music I like that is true hires. The majority of it seems to be 44.1/24 and I can find MQA version on Tidal so can get 96/24. The higher rates all seem to be for classical, jazz and the old staples of rock and albums I already own.

I won’t be using past this trial to me it’s not worth the price of entry and if its not in Roon then not a chance ever as I really don’t like how the app works myself. I can’t seem to find out a simple way to filter for hires content in the style of music I want.

I think Roon integration will make all of that easier to do but the biggest determining factor will be library size and variety. If it doesn’t have what you want, it’s other merits don’t really matter.

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So, it is delayed past RMAF?

Be aware that there is no other confirmation about Qobuz integration from Roon other than:

Nothing announced, nothing delayed.

For now, I would take anything other than a direct statement from Roon with a sizeable tablespoon of salt.

David of Qobuz has said they are working with Roon too. And he loves Roon. So it’s not just Roon saying they are working with Qobuz. Also, this was the flyer Qobuz had at Cedia

I thought the timeline is around the end of Oct for Qobuz to be released in the US and have roon integration out of the gate.

I’m currently using the free trial in the US and have no plans to switch fromTidal if Qobuz’s library isn’t dramatically improved at official launch.

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I wasn’t talking about Roon integration, just the U.S. release of Qobuz. I understand it was scheduled for release at RMAF but is now delayed.

It was scheduled for June at one stage. It has slipped back more than once.

This article placed it at end of Oct.

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Hmmm now finding quite a few albums that dont have the sublime discount so full price. So not all at reduced prices.

I have a Europe based subscription to Qobuz, but as of last night, within the IOS app I am being offered US$ subscription deals so assume they have launched officially in the US.

Perhaps it’s a soft launch… don’t see it on web page yet though

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Spotify won’t integrate for the sole reason that they don’t want to commoditize their catalog. With x number of streaming services offering roughly the same content through the same user interface (such as Roon), their only competition point would be pricing. Hence Spotify prefers to keep their users in their own clients/ui’s

Don’t see it on their Web site, either. You’d think they would want to publicize a launch.

New offer in Belgium… studio. High res streaming only

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Thanks for the heads up! Same offer here in Switzerland as well. But still soo much more expensive than the US counterpart :confused:

Still a yearly plan is about the same price as Tidal… a better deal then before with sublime and sublime+


At the moment I only play local files in Roon, streaming is done via BluOS App and Qobuz (with the free code until December 2018). After that hopefully Qobuz is nicely integratet in Roon :slight_smile:

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Sorry if this has been answered already. It probably has, but I tried searching and went through all kinds of threads for over an hour. There was tons more info I did not read and did not have time to, so I decided to check here.

I read somewhere that Qobuz and Roon integration is expected to happen this fall. Is that true? Are there any plans for Qobuz / Roon integration? I am doing a trial of Qobuz and like the sound quality and their catalog better than Tidal. Planning to build a streaming server and would rather stick with Roon if integration would be available soon. But I would switch to other software if it is not available… Obviously I need to make a decision on the software before I order hardware, so wanted the check what Roon’s plans are.

Thank you!