Qobuz integration in Roon?

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Hyperion isn’t on Qobuz in the UK - where are you based?!

(Nick Baker) #621

I understand that Tidal has no Classical music content compared to Qobuz I had a chance to check it yesterday, I was at a lunch party and someone said they were going to see the Opera from Covent Garden and did anyone else want to go (streamed to the local cinema) my wife asked which Opera was it. The answer was Tchaikovsky’s Queen of Hearts, she had never heard of it and asked if I could finf it to listen to, took 30 seconds to find and start playing on Tidal. Its awful by the way, wasnt even the P Diddy Rap version…

(Mark Johnson) #622

Always found Tidal to have plenty of Classical music, especially quality recordings from Deutsche Grammaphon


I think Hyperion only uses its own web shop to distribute their digital downloads.


may have been searched with “queen of spades” :wink:, the answers are almost the same between Qobuz & Tidal


OK for Hyperion in France, if you talk about these hairy guys :grin:

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Excellent band. :blush:

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Yes - only through their own website.


So, what’s the official word on Qobuz support? Is it happening in the foreseeable future?


The official word, posted 16 days ago …

The unofficial word on the street is that it looks highly likely … all we can do is wait.

(Rudi) #631

My guess is that Qobuz integration will happen when Qobuz launches in the US. That would fit the term “foreseeable future”.
But it’s no more than a guess.


I hope there is not this dependency. There are enough Qobuz subscribers among Roon users. No obvious need to wait for Qobuz to do their lauch in USA right. Roon can develop independently using the API they get from Qobuz and according to its own agenda.

(Rudi) #633

So do I of course.
What prompted my comment is the fact that Roon is subject to the economic realities of having to put its resources to optimal use. And from that perspective the optimum time to introduce Qobuz integration might actually be the time of Qobuz’ US launch. This would free up funds for other high priority developments in the meantime.
I’d be over the moon if it happens before, as now I am having to use different apps for Roon and Qobuz and they do technically get in each other’s way. But I’m not holding my breath.

(Henry) #634

There is a certain amount of sense in not launching a Qobuz revision before it’s US launch. It would probably generate a lot of unflattering commentary from US users seeing the login portal but not being able to access the service.

(rovinggecko) #635

It is more important for Roon to do it ‘right’ than fast.
Like with MQA, took longer than others, but it works really well, keeping dsp options alive, etc.

I’d hope they do a similarly smart thing here. Also keeping a door open for adding more steaming platforms in the future.

(Mike O'Neill) #636

I was having a look at IDAGIO, as an exercise I looked at their new releases section. Out of 10 , Tidal had 8

IDAGIO are classical only so 8 out of 10 doesn’t sound bad

Not exactly scientific but , let’s see what Qobuz does, in South Africa they don’t figure so it’s academic to me


Indeed this could be a reason. Let’s see but not hope that Roon waits with the Qobuz integration in case it takes Qobuz another 6 months to enter the US market.


fyi, i received a “Your Private Beta Invite for Hi-Res Streaming” email from Qobuz this morning but looks like the link to try and sign-up is not so private :wink:

Hi from Qobuz US,

You signed up on our website to be among the first to experience true Hi-Res audio streaming in the US .

The big day is finally approaching!

We are soon going to select our first open beta testers based on specific criteria.

Please complete the form below to have a chance of being selected as one of the first to experience our platform:

We will notify you within a week whether you have been selected as a first-round beta tester or placed on our waiting list.

We look forward to seeing your responses!

The Qobuz Team

(David Orgel) #639

I received the same invitation today.