Qobuz library almost empty? [Qobuz is working on it]

Hello everyone !

A big portion on my music library streamed with Qobuz disappeared today in Roon… I tried to disconnect Qobuz / reconnect Qobuz, restart Roon, nothing worked.

Can you help me ?

From what has been reported by others here, this occurs temporarily through / at Qobuz and fixes itself in a few days.

It’s an issue at the qobuz end, they are working on it.

Patience is the word here unfortunately.
Whatever you do, DON’T delete the files in the library screen!!


Hey @Martin_Alteirac,

I’m sorry that it’s been this long until you heard from our team. As it was mentioned on this thread, Qobuz is actively working on addressing the disappearing albums issue.

Since it’s been a while, I am hopeful your library is back. Could you please confirm that?


Today (Oct 12th 2021) I noticed that several albums from my Qobuz library are missing, however they are still favorited in Qobuz if I log in directly. Some others show in Roon but don’t play - they err with the message that the tracks aren’t available.

Another symptom is that search seems to be broken. When entering a search that would encompass Qobuz, I get a message that says “Make sure your storage device is connected or check your internet connection and streaming services settings”. My connection to Qobuz seems to be working well and I can sync my library from the Settings page, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any thoughts? Is Qobuz still having connectivity issues with Roon?


I am having the same problems. Having problems accessing Qobuz through Roon. Says it may be a network connection or streaming services issue. I can access Qobuz from the Windows app though without problems.

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There appear to be ongoing issues with Qobus, Complete libraries missing, odd albums & artwork/meta data missing, it’s a damn nuisance but not “the end of the world” ……

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