Qobuz login issue when using Clash Proxy (Unexpected error, please check your account details)

Roon Server Machine

Win 11 PC + Roon(Build 1359)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

using Clash for Windows

Description of Issue

Can’t login Qobuz within Roon. Qobuz Webplayer works well.
I tried to clean cache and restart Roon Server, still have problem.


Sometimes it turns into another error, but all the settings have not changed.

Qobuz Webplayer works well, it sent a POST https://www.qobuz.com/api.json/0.2/user/login:

username=[moderated: email address removed]
[moderated: email address removed]
password=[moderated: password removed]

Does it work if you don’t use that program.

No. and the same setup could be fine to login Qobuz within Roon a few months ago. Clash acts as a system proxy and plays the same role for Roon and browser. Judging from Clash’s logs, Qobuz Webplayer send a request for “www.qobuz.com” when logging in, but Roon request a dynamic IP(e.g.

Not a good idea to include your email address and passwords in a public forum…

What if you restart your modem router core accesspoints etc…
Start them up one by one.

Did you check:

This is a temp account, anyway, thanks

It’s one of my efforts, but emmm… it doesn’t work.

My account is an email account and a password has been set.

Hi @synaric ,

It looks like you are getting an HTML error response from the login request, which is very strange. I suspect that a VPN or your Clash software is injecting this HTML response. Can you try to fully disable Clash or temporarily try to login with the Server on a different network?

Thanks for your reply, glad to see the news that Roon supports Tidal Max, which means I don’t need to stick with Qobuz.
I know there are quite a few users in mainland China who have encountered the same problem as me. The only thing I can’t figure out is that I can login to Qobuz within third-party software and Webplayer, but not Roon.
I tried Qobuz Downloader and Qobuz Webplayer in the same environment(using Clash), and their login APIs were identical to the requests made by Roon. Since Clash is a necessary software for me, I give up using Qobuz.

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