Qobuz long pauses switching albums

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7i7 rock 16gb ram

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@support similar to @UliR issues I am starting to get long pauses when switching albums from Qobuz this can vary from just a few to nearly 8. This only has stated since recent update to fix gapless playback. I don’t get this from local files. Nothing else has changed in my setup.


Same here.


Here it is not just with switching albums but whenever I change a track. Even when I just jump to the next track of an album it takes up to 10 sec until it starts playing.

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Having the same issue - pauses when changing tracks on occasion when playing an album - the track eventually starts playing.

with Roon today update (build 1211) the pauses between albums and tracks are gone, gapless is still working, so everything is fine now here

Hey @CrystalGipsy,

Thanks for letting me know this is only happening with Qobuz tracks.

If you could, please reproduce this issue and grab a timestamp as well as the track name and share that info here. Thank you! :+1:

Will do Ben.

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