Qobuz My weekly Q integration

Integration of Qobuz ‘my weekly q’ would be nice under Qobuz menu entry. Are there any plans to do so?

1+ from me as well. Would like to see that feature added :slightly_smiling_face:


@mike As you know personalization and individual exploration is very important to users. So what is the timeline for that?

Qobuz have said it’s only available via their own app for now it’s not available for 3rd parties currently.

“+1” posts don’t sway things.

If you want to add your vote - click the Vote button at the top of the thread - that’s what counts as a vote…

OH! Just realized for the very first time the “vote” button - although using this forum for such a long time. I always was looking for a “like” button which isn’t available for the very first posting / opening thread :slight_smile:

You can upvote as much as you like it won’t change the fact Qobuz have said this is currently only available on thier own app. No partners have access to it alll, so nothing Roon can do untill they allow it as part of their APi.

+1 Still upvoting. No harm in letting Roon it would be great to see it when possible. I am really enjoying the Weekly Q’s from Qobuz. They have been hitting the spot for me better than Roon’s. Tidal’s was better as well IMHO. I no longer have Tidal. I will stick to adding them as playlists and keep hoping.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned before, but you could, while in the Qobuz app, add the Weekly Q to playlists which will in turn add to Roon playlists. Not ‘integration’, but it’s only 2 or 3 clicks.