Qobuz new releases not in roon!

It’s not the first time I’ve noticed this kind of bug :
In the qobuz app in the new releases I can see the new Lana Del Rey album (NFR!).
But in roon, in the qobuz new releases menu, nothing… it does not appear.
If I tag it in qobuz so it goes in my qobuz favorite, then I go back in roon but the album still does not appear nowhere (not in recent, not in albums, not in qobuz). I did not download it, just wanted to listen in streaming.
I’ve you also noticed sometimes a delay to see new albums in roon app from qobuz catalog ?
It’s not the first time I have this problem.

There is a delay between the two due to the synching mechanism. As I understand it both Tidal and Qobuz have to batch up releases for changes to match the way roon uses the metadata etc. If you do a cursory search of the forum you will see this.

Thanks for your answer !
So it’s more a qobuz issue than a roon issue :wink:

It’s both as it’s the integration between the two. I’m not sure exactly where all the work is but I’ve seen threads on roon asking the suppliers to change things on their end, probably work on both ends.

What is annoying is that it’s for a very few cases, I couldn’t even say how much time it takes to get back normal as I don’t remember for which album it happened last time …

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