Qobuz No Stream formats available

Core Machine

Network Details

Audio Devices

Library Size

Description of Issue
Unable to play any song or album on Qobuz through Roon, but able to play through native Qobuz app.

“No Stream formats available”

Hi Brian,

Not official support, but, when support does get here there will want to know a bit more specifics about your network and your Roon core.

Core Machine
Windows 10 32 Ram

Network Details
Connect to Core via network cable directly from Xfinity router

Audio Devices

Library Size
23548 Tracks

Additional Information on Issue
Logged out of Qobuz account to try and get my missing albums to show. After I logged back in, I was unable to play any music from Qobuz.

It might be related to this…

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I am hoping that is the case and it will be fixed here shortly. Appreciate the help.

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Hi @Brian_Scott

Just to confirm, are you able to play more than 30s clips through the Qobuz app?

Correct. Via phone or tablet I am able to play through their native app. The issue is with Room where I receive this error.

Is there anything else you are looking for?

I resolved this issue myself. Thank you for “helping”.

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quote=“Brian_Scott, post:4, topic:163253”]
I am still getting slow playback from Qobuz music titles. I will select and album to play, it will queue up but will not start playing for 10-20 seconds. Can I please get assistance from support on this issue

I have reopened the support ticket as the issue has not been resolved.

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Hey @Brian_Scott,

I know that this follow up is quite delayed… I am extremely sorry about that.

I was wondering if there’s anything we can help with now? :nerd_face:

One of the moderators tried to help me which I really appreciate, but I have to say that it is quite late for a follow up. (Over 2 months ago). If I was not able to resolve it myself I would be sitting with a service that only partially works. Is there a reason why it took so long for someone to respond?

Hi @Brian_Scott, the thread had previously been closed and we missed that it had been re-opened. You have our apologies for this! Normally it wouldn’t take 2 months. Rebeka has been going through older threads and following up on issues that we haven’t heard a response on and noticed that had been re-opened without a response from us so she followed up ASAP. Apologies again for the trouble!