Qobuz not playing ANY tracks via Roon, plays ok in web and iPad apps

Any clues Roon-Wise what could be causing it?
Was working before, suddenly stopped playing any tracks.

Hit a track and `I get the following error messages:
“This track is not available from Qobuz”
“Too many failures stopping playback.”

Frustrating not to be able to hear Qobuz, on Studio subscription and hopefully this can get sorted soon.

My Roonserver is a self built I5 pc running AP Linux.

Thanks for any help.

Tried restarting your core?

Thanks for the reply.

Restarted my core yeah…reinstalled Roon and all that good stuff.
Not checked the system clock on my Linux core…known that to be a factor sometimes?

Contacted Qobuz support as well, maybe a solution that can help others in the same boat.

Hello @Gaz_Jam,

A system clock issue can cause the issues you are seeing. Before continuing with other troubleshooting I would ensure that your system clock is synchronized and working as intended.


Thanks John,
I’ll do exactly that and report back.

Sho’nuff it was my system clock that had drifted off to some time in the future.
Corrected the time in the Bios and Qobuz is now playing fine.

Thanks for the help, almost cancelled Qobuz because of this, glad I got it fixed.

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