Qobuz now requires use of email address when integrating with 3rd party apps, such as Roon

We’ve gotten some reports lately about Qobuz integration issues in Roon.

In taking a close look at affected accounts we’ve recognized a pattern. In many cases, the affected customer has synced their Qobuz account in Roon using their username instead of their email address. Qobuz has recently changed its policy and now requires customers to use their account email when using partner services - such as Roon.

Qobuz mentioned this in a recent subscriber email sent out on June 17th, see screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 11.05.54 AM

  • To resync Qobuz in Roon we recommend that you first create a fresh backup
  • Then go to settings>Services>and log out of Qobuz
  • Restart your Core
  • Log back into Qobuz in Roon, using your account email
  • Wait for any account sync to take place (your Qobuz library may disappear then resync)
  • If you have any issues with unavailable tracks in Playlists, etc, restore the backup you created before beginning the Qobuz resync
  • Thanks!

Is there a way to check how we originally connected Qobuz? If tracks are playing normally, can we assume it is already using E-mail and not username?

Hi @cwichura,

Thanks for your question. In Roon go to Settings>Services. Either your username or email address will be shown under Signed in

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So far everything seems to work just fine when signed in with username. But good to know.

Hey @Nepherte, we’re of the understanding that the policy hasn’t been rolled out to all Qobuz regions as of yet. Qobuz still recommends the use of account email for successful integration with its partner apps.

Qobuz stopped working for me recently. It just kept track not available/skipped in roon. Saw this thread, and even though I was already using my email address for username figured the two must be related. After several reboots/logout and logins it still didn’t work.

Turns out my issue was that Qobuz dropped my plan. So I could log in but did not have privileges to access any music. Resubscribed for $2 less per month and back in business.

Noting here in case anyone else runs into this issue


Very good point @Rob_Rodier .
If having Qobuz or Tidal login issues you should always check what it says for streaming plan under settings: service just in case…

I had this issue previously and again today. Currently logged in to QBOZ with email. Getting this message