Qobuz playlists created in iOS not appearing in "My Stuff: Playlists"

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero Mesh

Connected Audio Devices

BlueSound Nodes and Cambridge Audio CXNv2, all connected through ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

Only about 70 on a hard drive. About 500 albums in Qobuz and Tidal.

Description of Issue

When I create playlists in the Qobuz iOS app, they appear on the Roon Qobuz page but not on the My Stuff: Playlists page. When I create the playlists in the Qobuz PC and Mac apps, playlists appear correctly on the My Stuff: Playlists page. I have tried the usual troubleshooting steps (delete Roon cache, log out and back in, sync services in Roon, etc.) but they haven’t helped. This seems to be an iOS-specific issue.

Still hoping to get some feedback or suggestions on this

Hey @JAM so sorry for not being able to respond to your request sooner! I really appreciate your patience!

When in the iOS application, can you check to see that the following settings are applied:

Also, have you tried to reinstall the application on the device having issues? I see you mentioned some steps you’ve already taken but was unsure if that was a part of your troubleshooting steps.

Thanks so much!

Thank you, Ashley. Shared playlists is selected/on. My “General” tab in settings looks different from yours. I don’t see an option to “show playlists on album page” in iOS and this is my PC version:

I tried deleting the iOS Qobuz app and reinstalling it, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

@JAM thanks so much for checking those settings - my apologies, the last screenshot that I attached was not related to this issue, you can disregard that last screenshot.

Rather, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the iOS version of Roon by going to “Playlists” under “My Stuff”?

Thank you!

Hi Ashley. It looks like this:

@JAM, thanks so much for providing me with that screenshot of the application. The proper settings are selected, so it should be showing your Qobuz playlists in Roon.

What we would recommend is to reach out to Qobuz directly to see if they are able to look into this issue further. The reason is that the playlists sync properly when you use the Qobuz PC application, but have issues syncing with the iOS application, which could point to issues with the Qobuz application.

We’re hoping that Qobuz will be able to take a look into their application and see where the issue is occurring. Certainly let us know if the issue continues after reaching out to them! Thanks so much! :pray:t3:

Thank you, Ashley. I will check with Qobuz, but the reason I thought this might be a Roon issue is that the playlists created in the Qobuz iOS app do show up in the Qobuz tab in Roon, but they don’t show up don’t show up in the My Stuff → Playlists tab in Roon.

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