Qobuz Playlists Incomplete in Roon

Just started the Qobuz free trial. I created 3 playlists in the Qobuz app on an iMac. All three playlists are shown in Roon but the number of tracks is not correct.

Playlist, # Tracks Seen in Qobuz, # Tracks Seen in Roon
1: 32, 28
2: 41, 38
3: 60, 52

In all cases, the missing tracks are the ones at the end of the playlist. Any ideas as to what could cause this and the solution?



Hi @Nick_Simanteris,

Are you still seeing the same number of tracks in these playlists?

Were any of the tracks in these playlists purchased in Qobuz or are they all from your streaming subscription?

Thank you for responding Dylan. Yes I am still seeing the same number of tracks in Roon. Less than the number of tracks shown in Qobuz. All tracks are from my streaming subscription. None were purchased.

Also, in all 3 playlists, the missing tracks in Roon are at the end of the Qobuz playlist.

Today, as an experiment, I added a track to the end of a Tidal playlist in the Tidal app. When I looked at playlist in Roon, the added track was there.

Hope this helps.


Today I created a new Tidal playlist in the Tidal app. All tracks are available in Roon. This seems to be strictly a Qobuz integration issue.



Thanks for the info, @Nick_Simanteris!

Can you share a specific example of a track that’s not showing up? Ideally, can you choose the Share option in Qobuz and send us a link?

Sure @dylan

The playlist is named “2 Channel - 1” and here is a link to a track that is in Qobuz but not in Roon.


This track immediately follows “One Mint Julip” which is in both Qobuz and Roon.



Thanks, @Nick_Simanteris.

I’ve passed this info along to the team so they can look into this. I’ll be sure to update you when I receive their feedback.

Hi @Nick_Simanteris,

A change was made today that fixed some issues with Qobuz syncing. It isn’t specific to playlists, so that may not be the exact issue here, but it would be good to know if there’s any change in behavior since this fix has been implemented. Can you try rebooting your Core machine and syncing Qobuz and let us know if you see these tracks?


Thanks @dylan.

I did as requested and now my playlists in Roon match what was created in Qobuz. Whatever changes were made, corrected the playlist sync issue as well.

Thanks for your help.


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