Qobuz Price Reduction

Morals and ethics are important to some of use. If you circumvent the system to get a price reduction for which you do not qualify, that is a moral and ethical issue.


That is definitely true and I agree.

Luckily for us, no modern, global businesses do anything similar - especially when it comes to their moral/ethical and/or legal obligations in terms of corporation taxes etc.


The hi-res Qobuz Studio offering is still £24.99 here in the UK, has anyone seen the price decrease in the UK yet?

I suspect it’s a commercial decision

I can’t use Qobuz, South Africa probably isn’t worth their effort

But here both Tidal and Netflix are cheaper than say the US and UK

I pay R120 ($8) for Tidal hi fi , and the same for Netflix, probably because US prices wouldn’t fly here in impoverished Africa👿

Same for Primephonic and IDAGIO

No, I wrote to them a while back and they replied that they intended to lower the price in Europe, but were working on royalty issues. Not sure that I believe them! They’ve only recently started in the USA, they’re possibly not doing too well there, and the Amazon service has threatened them. I’m happy enough paying the European price, it’s a fantastic service.

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I’ve quickly speed read through this thread.

I’ve seen posts where people outwith the US have used VPN to sign up for Qobuz US, and would consider doing this until Qobuz offer us Europeans the same deal. I’ve seen some posts where the morality and ethics of doing this have been mentioned, but I’ve not seen anybody say it’s illegal to do this. Is it illegal?

Edit, not just asking James directly:smile::smile:

Even if it is, do you honestly see plod knocking at your door. ‘Scuse me Sir, we notice you have been paying slightly less for a service than you should have…’

The price reduction is not sustainable for the Quobuz business model. Too small to resist.

I suspect most corporations and businesses pay their taxes as due. [Moderated]

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I don’t think lying is illegal.

Please consider that the US library is not the same than in EU. This is dependant on each country.

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Depends on WHO you lie to! :grinning:

Nope. I’ve checking fairly regularly for quite a while now. My 6 month Tidal trial has now ended and I want to give Qobuz a go so it’s become more pressing for me.

I have bought a fair amount of music from the Qobuz download store already and according to the WhatHiFi article linked to further up this thread the Sublime+ sub should get a £50 price cut as well if the U.K. price cuts do ever happen so that is the one that I’m holding out for but I’m not going to wait forever. I might end up biting the bullet and paying current prices.

Wonderful skill speed reading

I once speed read War and Peace in 30 minutes

It’s about Russia :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


In my business people chasing price are my worst customers as they want it all their way and expect me to suck up the loss.
I have people buy their own parts and expect me to fit them and of course warranty them if things go wrong. I just refuse now and just thank goodness when they finally go away for good.

If their boss at work suddenly reduces their wages they would rightly be indignant but are happy to try it on with me.
The same people wouldn’t take their own meat to a restaurant and ask the chef to prepare it and have a discount on the bill :joy:

What’s this got to do with streaming prices? They are small businesses too and if we don’t pay up and support them, we will lose them. Back to amazon and Spotify MP3, so much for progress.


I think there’s a bit of a difference between customers making unreasonable one-off pricing demands such that you can’t turn a profit vs a company already having decided to reduce prices (presumably because it ultimately thinks that it will benefit its business) and then going on record in a press interview as to exactly what those price cuts will be in a particular region but with no specified rollout date. In such a situation it’s not unreasonable to expect prospective customers to delay purchases at least for a while to see if the new pricing will be implemented. Maybe in retrospect Qobuz should have said it was a USA only cut and then done any cuts in other countries as unannounced one-off events.

Looking again at the WhatHiFi article just now before replying (https://www.whathifi.com/news/qobuz-says-no-to-mp3) I see that it has been edited recently and most of the references to new UK pricing have been removed, e.g. it originally said “Those wishing to make the jump to Sublime+ instead ($249.99/£249.99 per year) will get …”; it now only mentions the $ price. This makes me think UK changes might not be coming.

I’ll be sticking to my timeline anyway. Start a Qobuz trial when I get back to the UK this weekend and then, if it looks good, buy a year of Sublime+ 2.5 weeks later just before I leave again. If the price adjustments happen between then and my purchase then all good, if not then assuming the trial goes well I still plan to buy Sublime+ at the £299.99 price and probably cancel Tidal. It will all depend on what I think of the breadth of material available that aligns with my tastes.

Qobuz currently costs 55p a day in the UK for CD quality, or 68p a day for hi res. Buttons. It is already incredible value for money. What else can you spend 55p a day on that gives you so much? One chicken mcnugget?


Having questioned the UK pricing in comparison to the US Pricing with Qobuz, they stated that they are working towards doing the same for the UK, however its taking some time due to Rights etc

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Same response from Qobuz too so it looks like watch this space re UK pricing

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