Qobuz says 96/24, but the playback is 44/16

Hardly mission critical but …

Does your Qobuz subscription give you high res files? I see the same thing but only have the Hi-Fi subscription, limited to 16/44.1. I think Roon is showing what you could have from Qobuz, until you click on the star thing

ah … excellent point. I’m on Studio not sublime. but should be getting FLAC 24-Bit up to 192 KHz

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lol I had typed out a post on here earlier today and was about to hit submit when I realised!

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Also… good choice in tunes!

@wilro15 thanks! Just stumbled in there thanks to the latest DJ-Kicks which I’ve got queued for the car and some kid shuttle duties this evening.


Hi @Jonathan_Greene/@wilro15,

Please see this thread:


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