QOBUZ streaming connection lost

Hi All,
Why did I lost my QOBUZ streaming connection with ROON while my QOBUZ streaming connection is still valid ? I don’t pay attention to the exact moment, but I’m quite sure it is related to last software update.

Many thanks for help and support.


Note that I ‘stream’ with an old MBP around 9-10 years old and I can’t anymore update Mac OS to the latest version (still running with latest BigSur 11.6.7 update).

Try signing in again, but use the email associated with your Qobuz account, not your Qobuz username.

Note: Qobuz has changed the method for logins recently.

Tried the 2 ways (email and username) : none is working with ROON, while I have full and immediate access to my account with browser and password (SAFARI or CHROME) and I can also check it is still valid

If you can, move this thread to the #support category, so it gets appropriate visibility. Also, please provide further information about your set-up, as described here:

And welcome to the community, @Louis_FLOHIC!

I’ve moved it over.

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Hi @Louis_FLOHIC ,

Thanks for reaching out. What kind of Qobuz subscription do you have, which tier is it? If you try to reboot the network and your Core do you see any improvement?

Hi Noris,

I have rebooted everything before, without any change. I’ve checked also my subscription and access with QOBUZ, but they didn’t find anything wrong or bad regarding this.
But according to your suggestion, I checked my Core (Innuos Zenith) and found a software update intended for TIDAL integration. After running this update update and full reboot of all my system, QOBUZ is now streaming and playing well.

Many thanks for this helpful support.


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Thanks for the update @Louis_FLOHIC , and happy listening! :headphones:

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