Qobuz Sublime subscription with Roon Nucleus +

I have a Qobuz Sublime subscription because I love Hi-Res audio (24-bit, >44.1).

WHAT’s WRONG: I want to search and stream HI-RES songs (24-bit/ >44.1 from my Qobuz Sublime subscription for which I have paid.

ACTION REQUESTED: Please inform me how I can use the Roon Core software with the Qobuz integration to get the HI-RES music. I am unimpaired with obtaining CD-quality 16-bit/44.1 from Qobus. I see the option to stream from Qobuz, but there is no way I can figure in the UI to filter for the HI-RES versions for which I am paying for this premium subscription.

The Core Machine is Nucleus +, v. 1.0. I do not know where to look for the Roon OS version, presume 1.6.

Network is wired Ethernet to Ethernet switch Google WiFi Mesh tested at 180 Mbps. IP addressing is DHCP, confirmed by FING. Network is not the issue.

The single output device enabled is a Naim ND 555, to Naim 252, to Naim 300 DR, to Harbeth SuperHL5Plus speakers and Velodyne HGS15 sub. This all works fine.

Music is stored on a 1TB Samsung SDD Roon Nucleus + recognizes as ~/Internal Storage.

I use as streaming services both Qobuz and Tidal. There are som 8800 tracks in my library, both CD and Hi-Res *.wav and *.dsf (DSD). All play.

Your post should include:

  • Details on your Core machine (OS, Hardware specs)
  • Networking details (especially what hardware you’re using, how everything is connected, and anything notable about how it’s all configured)
  • Audio devices in use
  • Library details (where your music is stored, whether you’re using a streaming service, how many tracks are in your library)

Hi @Melissa_E_Davis — Thanks for reaching out!

For the albums that you are looking at, are you able to stream them in Hires from the Qobuz app without purchasing the album? Can you share a specific example of this including screenshots of the album in Roon?


I think I see something I didn’t know to look for before. Using example of Nora Jones “Come Away with Me”, I have it in my Library as DSD64. I have this morning seen it on the Qobus Web Interface so labeled as DSD 64.

This is from an iMac. I do not play great, or even good, music from a computer. I wanted Roon for Qobus to output to my Naim ND555 and the following Naim electronics with Harbeth speakers.

I can stream them via computer or iPad or iPhone, but these are not high end audio and not capable of doing Hi-Res playback.

So maybe there is an interface issue. Does Roon give me the highest resolution it can find? Maybe I do not know what to look for?

Using the Naim ND555 integration as output, how will I know unambiguously that I am getting Hi-Res output that I am paying for? I know I can hear the difference, but cannot always detect as the tracks are not always as stated nominally.

Sorry, I do not know

Sorry for the fat finger.

I do not know how to add a screen shot file in this forum format. Please advise if still wanted.

– melissa

Just passing thru, but if you have a screen shot file you can add it by using the picture icon that is at the top of the screen where you compose your posts.

Thanks, Slim. That icon looked to me more like a data graph (showing bias from my professional history in IT Operations ;-))

Dylan, these are, I think, the screen shots for which you asked.

The first two are from the Qobus Web Interface.
The second two are from a Roon Tital and from my DSD album in my Library.

– melissa

NoraJones_HiRES_Qobus%20Web%20Interface Nora-Jones_Roon%20Screen%20Shot_Library-Roon_Tidal

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I have a Sublime+ subscription in the US beta. If I search for the Norah Jones album in Roon, I find it at 24/192 PCM (my systems don’t do DSD). BTW, for some reason, at least in the US, Qobuz plan names have changed:

Premium, MP3 320, $9.99/month
HI-FI, FLAC 16/44.1, $19.99/month
STUDIO, FLAC 24 bit up to 192kHz, $24.99/month

The Sublime+ I have seems to be STUDIO + discounted hi-res downloads.

Hi, Fernando, Thanks for the Qobuz subscription heads up.

I do see the name has changed to STUDIO for my account also.


In that case, you should be able to see the hi-res Norah Jones album from Roon, at least in the US.

I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Quboz carries Norah Jones in 24/192, 24/96, and 16/44.1 PCM Flac. It does not carry it in DSD. In your screen shot, you are showing us your copy of Norah Jones in DSD.

Since you already have the album in your library, the Tidal and Qobuz versions are listed under the versions tab. Click that to see all the Tidal and Qobuz versions that are available to ADD to your library or to just play.

Once added to your libarary and depending on how Roon rates DSD vs PCM, it still might be hidden as a duplicate because by default Roon only shows the highest version that is in your library. If this is the case, you can tell Roon to unhide duplicates in the Settings Menu, “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” set it to Yes.

As for the Jazz at the Pawnshop 30th, that is only available as 24/88.2 PCM FLAC from Qobuz, it is not available in DSD format. What you are seeing in that screen shot is that the files are from a company called “Proprius SACD” it is not the SACD DSD format. My guess is that those files are probably a PCM conversion of the DSD. As you can see, Qobuz shows what format it has those files under “Available In” and it lists the 24/88.2 PCM format.

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