Qobuz tagged albums and tracks do not play

I have a Qobuz account for purchasing albums but not streaming. I do have a Tidal account, though. I now find that when doing a search for a piece of music, if that track is available on Qobuz, I cannot play it, even if it is available on Tidal. I can only play music that is not available on Qobuz but is available on Tidal. What is wrong with my setup?

You said the answer yourself: you have a Qobuz account for purchasing albums but not streaming. Therefore you can’t play Qobuz albums/tracks via Roon that are streamed from the Qobuz service.

Thanks, Geoff. I understand that I can’t stream a Qobuz track as I don’t have a sub for that. My issue is that if I do a search for a piece of music, and it turns out that music is available on both Tidal and Qobuz, then Roon will not play it, even though I do have a valid Tidal sub to stream that piece of music. Why can’t Roon see that I can play that music using my Tidal sub?

Let me give you a practical example. I did a search for Waltz for Debby. Roon shows that the Bill Evans version is available in my library, on Tidal and on Qobuz. It plays this track. Roon also finds that there is a version by the Oscar Peterson Trio. It plays this track too. However, there is a version of the track by Bill Evans and Monica Zetterlund, which is available on both Qobuz and Tidal. I would expect to be able to play it because it is available on Tidal. But it does not. This seems to be true of every track I have tried where the availability is on both Qobuz and Tidal. To me, this is a flaw in how Roon works (or how Roon is set up on my machine). Whether a track is available in Qobuz or not, I should be able to play it using my Tidal sub, if the track is available on Tidal.

Might be helpful to show a couple of screenshots of the album available in both and then you having selected the Tidal version what happens so support can see.
Out of personal interest, why are you showing the Qobuz service when you can’t use it?

I have purchased a number of albums from Qobuz, so I have an account with them, but am not a streaming subscriber. When Roon offered the Qobuz tie-in, I thought I would try it to see how it worked.

I have attached two screenshots of the scenario I offered in my previous note. One screenshot (

shows the results of my search for a Waltz for Debby. One of the options is the Evans/Zetterlund collaboration, which is not in my library but available on both Qobuz and Tidal. When I pick that option, I get an error message, captured in my second screenshot.

Sounds like as a non-streaming subscriber to Qobuz, I should delete my account from Roon. That still points to an error in Roon which is not able to play the Zetterlund track even when I have a Tidal account.

In that screenshot it looks like you have selected the Qobuz version? If that is so of course it isn’t going to stream as you don’t have an account. What happens when you select the Tidal version?

Hi @Jyoti_Banerjee,

In the screenshot above you’re trying to play the Qobuz version of the album. Since you have a Qobuz account linked we will show continue to show Qobuz content, but you can switch to a TIDAL version by going to the Versions tab.

This is probably just me, but I cannot see where I would find the Versions tab. When I click on the options that emerge through search, when I click on the Zetterlund track, I am not given the option to pick the Qobuz or Tidal version. Roon seems to pick the Qobuz version as the default. How do I change it so that it picks the Tidal version instead?

Its in your second screenshot Tracks-Credits-Versions

Hi @Jyoti_Banerjee,

In your screenshot, the Version tab is here:

At this time there is no way to choose between Qobuz or TIDAL showing automatically — The default version will be whichever Roon determines is “best”.

Thanks @Dick_Vliek / @Dylan / @Ged_Hickman1: Understood. Your help is much appreciated.

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