Qobuz track not playing on Roon but plays through Qobuz App (fixed)

I’m trying to play Nancy Sinatra “These Boots are Made for Walking” from the album Boots. It appears in Roon but when I try to play I get a message “This track is currently not available from Qobuz”. But when I go to the Qobuz app, I can play it from that album.

I’m listening to other Qobuz tracks before and after this one, and I rebooted my Roon core just to make sure it wasn’t a temporary glitch. Ideas what may be happening?


If it is in your Roon libary remove it and add the Qobuz version that plays. Sometimes Qobuz changes om whatever reasons albums in their libary. Might take a couple of minutes before it appears in your Roon libary.

Thanks @fietser – that fixed it. I should have thought of that (simple) solution!

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