Qobuz tracks 'unavailable' in Roon but available in Qobuz app

(Tim Chapman) #1

I’ve seen this issue referenced for Tidal, but it’s now cropping up in Qobuz.

See screen dumps - Roon firts, then the view from Qobuz. The album is:

Alfvén: Symphony No. 3 in E Major, Uppsala Rhapsody & The Mountain King Suite
Berlin Deutsches Symphony Orchestra](#/artist/231764) -
Composer : Hugo Alfven

Released by CPO on 2 May 2019

Roon staff - clearly I have rights to play this in the Qobuz app…why not from within Roon. Is their an additional level of rights that Roon is not eligible for or is this a Roon-Qobuz interface/database issue?

(Dylan Caudill) #4

Hi @Tim_Chapman,

We are looking into this. Apologies for the inconvenience here, and thanks for the report.

(Dylan Caudill) #7

Hi @Tim_Chapman,

We’ve identified the issue here and confirmed that this should be resolved soon. Within the next few days the data should update and you’ll be able to play these tracks within Roon.

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(Tim Chapman) #8

No need to apologise. Thank you for the VERY quick response. I fully understand the complexities of embedding the Qobuz service within Roon. The fact that you managed this has infinitely enhanced my listening experience and I can’t thank the Roon team enough for this!

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(Tim Chapman) #9

OK - just checked again and the problem still exists. How many days should I wait for this?

The problem also exists for a BIS release: product 7318599923000. That’s

(Dylan Caudill) #10

Hi @Tim_Chapman,

Can you confirm what region your Qobuz account is for?

I just checked the Alexandre Kantorow album and it is available on my end. Same with the original Alfvén: Symphony No. 3 in E Major, Uppsala Rhapsody & The Mountain King Suite album that was mentioned in this thread.

(Tim Chapman) #11

UK region at my end

(Tim Chapman) #12

Removing both albums from favourites and then putting them back in did the trick!
Thank you for your support.

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(Dean Wette) #13

I just discovered that most Charles Tolliver albums available in Qobuz don’t show up in Roon.

How much is this a problem? If I can only access part of the Qobuz catalog in Roon, I will likely want to rethink this when my subscription renews. If I do a search in Roon I expect to see everything that I get with a search in Qobuz outside of Roon.

(Dylan Caudill) #14

Hi @Dean_Wette,

Can you share examples of albums that are available in Qobuz but not in Roon?

Are you able to play these albums in their entirety on Qobuz or just a 30 second clip?

(Dean Wette) #15

Yeah, my apologies. Qobuz only has 30 sec. samples. I had no idea they did such a thing. :frowning_face:

(Daniel Beyer) #16

I think some labels do not give Qobuz streaming rights, only sale rights, after which the album can be streamed.

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(Tim Chapman) #17

Yes - that seems to be the case for some labels eg BIS. They come on to streaming soon enough though.