Qobuz trial non-starter

I was excited to learn today that I’ve been offered the one month beta trial. Registered and set up password etc. Unfortunately Roon won’t recognize the information so I can’t log in. Shame…

Hi @Jeremy_Jones,

Are you able to log in to the Qobuz web player (https://play.qobuz.com/) using those credentials? If you try to change your Qobuz password and reboot your Core, does that help?


I had to change my password to eight characters with a mix of upper case, lower case and numbers. It was possible for me to register using a social media account with a password that didn’t meet that criteria so logins direct worked but not through Roon.

Did you finish the registration process by actually signing up for an account type and provide your credit card information? I managed to skip that step and had problems as well.

Thanks for replies - much appreciated. I’ve changed my password three or four times now already. No luck. My passwords are more than 8 characters, with all the mix required. Looks like a failing test for me, which is a pity as I was curious about Qobuz (or should it be ‘Qobug’ haha?)

Scot, Qobuz has my payment details so this is not the issue

Noris, yes I can sign into Qobuz through their app. and have changed my password several times. But when I try to link Roon - no joy.

Can you play music through the Qobuz app?

Hello @Jeremy_Jones,

Have you tried rebooting your Core yet? It might be worth a shot. If it’s still not working after a reboot or two let me know and I can propose another suggestion.


All working now. I logged in under my email address and that seemed to do the trick. Just listening now to some Qobuz and trying to get a sense for how how it compares to Tidal. Not sure about which way I’ll go yet…it will be a tough choice

Glad to hear that @Jeremy_Jones! Hope you enjoy the listening session :headphones:

– Noris

Thanks to everyone for helping me figure it out

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