QOBUZ using MQA?

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Roon reporting MQA audio out of QOBUZ. Is this a thing now??? :open_mouth:

Its up to the label which version to supply and there is an MQA version available.

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The 2L label only provides MQA files to streaming services. Based on your example it appears WM Germany is doing the same. :frowning:

Edit: I found another WM Germany release that wasn’t MQA. Ged is correct. It’s up to the label what to provide for streaming.

This has been known for years now.

Ever since 2L started supplying Qobuz with MQA files.

Qobuz only serve what they are supplied, so it’s no fault of Qobuz.

Send angry letters to 2L, not Qobuz.


OK good to know. The more threads like this the more google finds them… i found none :slight_smile:

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Search in roon

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I sent an email to 2L some time ago asking that they at least offer non MQA options. I was essentially told too bad, MQA is superior and is best for their customers. :roll_eyes:

I also wrote to Qobuz. Like was mentioned here, they explained they do not support MQA, but have no control over what is provided to them.

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