Qobuz version selected is not version that plays?

Bit strange this, never encountered it before, did a reboot etc before reporting. On this particular album at 24/96 when I click the the Symphony No.1 group section header and select Play I get the 16/44.1 version play instead? When I press Play for the entire album I get 24/96 as displayed as I do when click the actual first track and press Play? Weird eh? Perhaps a dodgy link somewhere in the the Qobuz stratosphere? Just thought I would report :blush:


Hi @Tim_Woodward,

I just tried this out and in both instances I’m getting 96/24. Can you record a video of this happening (including the signal path after playback starts)?


Thanks for the quick reply @dylan. I’ll have a go later - going out to catch up on some late Xmas shopping now… :slight_smile:

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Hi @dylan here’s my directorial debut, hope you like it! :slight_smile:


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Yes, it plays correctly for me except when I initiate play using the circled play button. In which case, like Tim, I get CD resolution instead.

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That’s an Oscar-worthy directorial debut, @Tim_Woodward :smile:

I was able to reproduce this using the method shown in the video. I’ve passed this along to the technical team for investigation and I’ll follow up once I receive their feedback.

Thanks for the report!

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Hi @Tim_Woodward,

I’m no longer able to reproduce this issue — Are you still seeing this occur on your end?

Hi @dylan - sorry about the late reply, yes that all sorted my end as well! :grin:

Thanks for confirming, @Tim_Woodward!

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