Qobuz ‘versions’ different to Roon?

Now here is a strange one! Hope I can describe it…

Qobuz just released a playlist entitled “Hi-Res Masters: Vocal Jazz Essentials” so I go to ‘Qobuz’ on the Roon main menu and find the playlist in the ‘Focus’ area.

I start playing the playlist and as I’m enjoying track (no.4) “April In Paris” by Sarah Vaughan on album Sarah Vaughan I wonder if I have this album in my library. Sure enough I do, but it’s not high res, so I go to versions and there isn’t a high res version for this album.

Confused I go back to the playlist and click the album link and sure enough it is high res, but also I notice it has different ‘versions’ to ‘my’ library album? There are other versions not shown in my album versions, 10 in all, when my list of versions on my library copy only lists 5?

To double check I click the artist link on the playlist and it goes to Sarah Vaughan and there is my album and sure enough there are no high res versions for it available in the list. Again these ‘versions’ are not the same as shown when I click the album link in the Qobuz playlist?

I search for Sarah Vaughan in case there’s more than one, as that can happen, but no. I scroll down to the list of albums and there is my CD quality version right at the top as it is in my library, but also a line or two below, there is the high res version!

So to sum up, my library version of an album does not have the same list of versions shown a high res version I have found in a Qobuz playlist, it’s different by at least 5 versions. And ideas @support?

Edit: Actually I’ve just found another album in the playlist not shown in the Roon artist page and when I click it this time there are no other versions shown, yet on the Roon search there are other versions and clicking one of those finds loads!

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