Qobuz will not load [Resolved]

Core: Antipodes K50 Server, AMS v3.0, Roon 1.8 build 790
Router: Speedport Smart3
Switch: Cisco SG 110-16
Audio equipment: Dcs Bartok
Remote: IPad Air ( Modell Me987FD/A Software 12.5.2), IPhone 11Pro (14.4.2), Roon 1.8/790
SSD on Antipodes K50 with 200 Albums / Qobuz

These problems have been occurring on the Ipad air and iphone 11pro for 4 days. I start the Antipodes K50 Server and the Roon Remote App. In the Roon library I can see and play my albums and the added albums from Qobuz. If I go to Qobuz within roon, “No favorites … no playlist … page cannot be loaded” appears.
This error is fixed when I restart Roon (in the Roon Core). The same problem the next day. Outside of Roon, Qobuz works without any problems (Qobuz native app, mconnect, DCS Masaic app …)

Hello @Torsten_Arnold,

I am so very sorry not only about the issue you’ve been facing, but that you never got a reply from us until today…:pleading_face:. I want to apologize for the extreme delay.

We would love another opportunity to help, if this issue is still happening. Could you please let us know if you could use our help? :nerd_face:

Hello @Torsten_Arnold

We’re sorry that you’re among the small number of our members who were affected by this. Dylan has posted another update here. We’re happy to report that Qobuz has determined the origin of the issue and a fix has been implemented. Please bear with us, your Qobuz library should be restored soon.