Qobuz will not play anything through Roon

Core Machine

Rockna Wavedream Net

Network Details

Cisco catalyst 2960g switch, connected to Arris NVG578LX wireless router via wired connections between the core, and between the router and switch.

Audio Devices

Holo Audio May Dac connected I2S from Rockna Wavedream Net core.

Library Size

1 gig. 10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Qobuz says everything I try to play is unavailable. Even Qobuz grand selection.

I can play music from my library no problem, and can stream radio stations.

I just started my trial of Qobuz, and it has never worked. Qobuz does play fine in its own app.

Also, I have tried rebooting the core, router, and switch to no avail.

Hi @Sean_Archer

It sounds like there might be a networking issue at play here. Can you try changing your network to use Google DNS? That has helped with situations like this in the past.