Qobuz wird nicht geladen / Qobuz will not load

Qobuz lässt sich nicht abspielen obwohl ich eine Internetverbindung habe

Qobuz cannot be played even though I have an internet connection


Nur mit Roon oder auch met den Qobuz app?

Only with Roon or also with the Qobuz app?

Es gibt einige Probleme mit der Infrastruktur leider bei Roon. Auch viele User berichten davon - aber noch kein Feedback von @support noch dazu

There is a critical problem regarding the infrastructure of Roon. Also many users reporting. But still no concrete feedback from support.

Indeed. Anybody know how Roon reads its config on a Mac? I like to disable the Qobuz integration so I can hopefully continue to use Roon. In the meantime I think I will start jRiver media center as an alternative.

Hey @volker_walther,

Since at the moment we can only offer support in English, I copied below a Google Translation, just as you have (thank you!).

We’re very sorry to hear that listening to music from Qobuz is not possible. Would you please be able to let us know if you can play music directly from Qobuz, without using Roon? Are you seeing any error messages? If so, what are they? What exactly happens when you try to click play?

Hey @volker_walther,

Seit dem Moment, in dem wir nur Support in Englisch anbieten können, kopierte ich unter eine Google-Übersetzung, genau wie Sie (danke!).

Es tut uns sehr leid, dass das Hören von Musik von Qobuz nicht möglich ist. Könnten Sie uns bitte wissen können, ob Sie Musik direkt von Qobuz spielen können, ohne ROON zu verwenden? Sehen Sie Fehlermeldungen? Wenn ja, was sind sie? Was genau passiert, wenn Sie versuchen, zu klicken ** Play **?

Hey @Han_van_Vilsteren,

If you’d like to disable Qobuz in Roon you can do so by navigating to Settings → Services in Roon and logging out of Qobuz.

If, however, you’d like to work this out, we’d love to help. Please, just let us know :relieved:

Hi @beka it would help if you can provide some insights about the infrastructure problems happening these days with playlists, metadata, login etc affecting also playing of Qobuz files etc.

Have the same problem…

this sounds to me as the same when someone tells the support desk “my email doesn’t work” and the support desks asks the customer to send an email with details!

The macOS client is not responding anymore so there is no way to adjust it in the macOS client. There is a workaround from a mobile device. From my mobile I can logout from Qobuz. If I start the macOS client again, it will not stall / crash anymore. This is a workaround, I found out myself, which I wrote in a forum topic as a solution. INMO RoonLabs could code this better.

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