Qobuz won't load over LAN to Weiss DAC endpoint (but wifi to Bluesound 2i works just fine) - WHY?!?!?!?!?

New user here, still on trial period…

Roon Nucleus Rev A connected to home LAN via Ethernet CAT6

Have 2 endpoints:
a - BlueSound Node 2i via wifi (both as streamer using its digital out, as well as as streamer/DAC)
b - Weiss DAC501 which works as a Roon endpoint as well - using its Ethernet connection

Issue - Quboz will load all content, even high res feeds (24/96, 24/192) just fine to the Node 2i over wifi… but when using the Weiss as the endpoint (via ethernet), Quboz fails to feed through, constantly skips, jumps tracks, sometimes stops altogether. The control screen will then say ‘Qobuz loading slowly, likely network problem, check your connections’…

Why is this? The Weiss is a superior machine sonically and I have made sure all software on it and on the Core are current, yet Qobuz content just won’t feed through correctly! :frowning:

My internet signal is coming into the house via an Xfinity cable modem, LAN and wifi router – Xfinity’s XB7 CGM4331COM (Technicolor) modem Gateway

Very frustrating, as Qobuz hi-res is to me the sonically superior streamed music feed (better than Tidal, Deezer and of course, Spotify and Amazon).

If I can’t get this to work I may need to just go back to Blu Os, which, while not as nice as Roon, works reliably in delivering the music…

Filled out a service problem ticket last Friday but zero response from Roon as yet.

It seems that your problem comes from a low data transfer rate.

How is the ethernet connection established between the router and the DAC? Do you use CPL plugs ? What are the characteristics of the router’s ethernet port you are using? Have you tried to connect these devices to each another directly with a CAT7 ethernet cable?

a) Support don’t work weekends
b) They have a queue, which means that an instant response is rare.

Can you say something more about your network (which helps Support to diagnose issues more quickly)? For example:

  • what is your network topology?
  • are you using managed or unmanaged switches in your network? (if that doesn’t mean anything to you, just give the model numbers of the network equipment you have in your home network)
  • are you using Ethernet over Power devices in your home network?

Thanks for your replies. Given the input provided, I did realize I do have a LAN power line extender between the Nucleus Core machine and the receiving end point.

So I moved the Nucleus into the same room as the end point, thus allowing the Nucleus to send its signal straight to the endpoint, without traveling through the powerline extender set. This solved the problem.

It seems that the Nucleus can receive the streamed music well enough via the powerline extender connection from the cable mode/router elsewhere in the house, and it must be that the signal feed from the Core to the endpoint is more critical, and at a higher bitrate, and it was this signal that was being throttled by the powerline extender.

Thanks for your help.

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