Qua Continuum - Continuum One (53' Quad DSD) track causes issues

Yesterday I downloaded the latest Cookie Marenco DSD256 album; Qua Continuum - Continuum One is a 53 minute single track quad-channel DSD file.

Roon can recognize the track but crashes during the dynamic range indexing of the track. In roon’s defense, most software players crashed while trying to play the track - J River played the track with several stops for buffering. Cookie was talking about introducing 100GB albums sometime in the near future for both high res 2 track and multi-track albums. I’d be interested to see if roon could offer up a solution to allow this type of playback. The above track is only 8,4GB in size.

No idea about DSD max. size, but it would be really helpful to know more about your Roon core including processor, memory etc.

Multi pc 1GB wired network with WireWorld Starlight and Platinum Cat 8 Ethernet cabling.

Room Core:

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

ASUS Rampage IV

64GB Corsair Dominator Memory

Intel Black Edition x990 CPU – 6 core 3.47GHz – No Overclocking

Roon Playback:

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

ASUS Rampage III

64GB Corsair Dominator Memory

Intel Black Edition x965 @ 3.35Hz 4-core

Both builds are designed to be a DAW, so all non-essentials are flipped off.

Do you mean the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition? If so, that’s a really old processor … I’ve one and this processor doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Roon.

I don’t use AMD processors. Both of mine are Intel Black Edition i7 1366 CPU’s.

Thanks for the clarification. The Intel Core i7-980X should be fine, so this may related to the size of the DSD file. Can you play it fine without DSP?

Also, for analysing dynamic range, have you temporarily changed the settings under Settings > Library > Audio Analysis Speed?

Scanning the file when first imported is causing roon to crash. Adjusting the settings does nothing.

Tagging @support to follow up on this for you.

I think this should work. Fastest way forward is probably to take a look at the file – can you upload it to Dropbox and PM me a link?

I can make sure our QA team takes a look when everyone is back after the holiday.

If you don’t have Dropbox, please send me a PM saying that – we can find another way.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

Hi there @Alan_Maher, I’ve also been struggling with my Roon Server crashing ever since mid-December 2018. After a lot of work, I think that I’ve isolated my problems to the exact same 53m:11s DSD256 track that you’ve been having problems with. If only I’d found your thread sooner … Oh well. You can find my thread at:


Hi Casey! Cookie and I talked about this a couple weeks ago. I know she’ll be sitting down with the roon boys to figure out a fix soon, if she hasn’t already. Our best guess is a buffer issue and not a major problem. I just returned home from a family vacation and noticed roon has a new update - I’ll play with it to see if they offered up a fix - my best guess is we’ll have to wait for the next update.

Thanks @Alan_Maher. The issue is definitely not fixed in the recent Roon 1.6 release since I have that on my server. I’m looking forward to seeing a resolution of this since I haven’t been able to use Roon for six weeks.


Hello @Alan_Maher/@Casey_Leedom,

I just checked in with Mike and it seems that we do not have this track in our internal library.
Can one of you please private message it to me so that I can forward it to QA to take a look?


Hey @noris,

Mechanically, I doubt that your Private Message system could cope with an 8.5GB file … :slight_smile: So this would almost certainly have to use your File Upload facility …

But we have the more dicy issue of legality: I don’t think that either I or @Alan_Maher can “give” this to you. Alan has mentioned “Cookie” as has my friend @William_B_Schaefer_I whom apparently runs Blue Coast Music. I think that s/he would be amenable to us providing you with a copy of this for testing purposes because so many different Music Servers have had problems with this track. But I believe that we need to get her/his okay for that. It sounds like either Alan or my friend Bill could handle these negotiations …


We’re now in touch with Cookie – thanks again for your patience on this Casey!

Ah great @mike! I figured that Cookie would be interested in seeing this problem fixed. As an engineer, I’ll be very interested in hearing what the eventual problem turned out to be!


Aha! Been chasing this since the end of January - when I downloaded the track. There was a Roon update around then, too. I hadn’t played the track - Roon kept stopping and restarting. Roon had been rock solid stable for two years for me with the exact same setup.

Checked the network, checked that the NAS was setup correctly, upgraded the server (sonictransport - thanks you Andrew!) to rule out hardware issues. Minimserver w/ Bubble was playing off the same server w/ no issues. Roon still started and stopped at random.

Last night I cued up this file to play and noticed that it did not have a waveform showing on the play screen in Roon. Hmmm. I looked in settings and background analysis was set to throttled and was working on one file. Hmmm.

Added the file name to my search this am and found this thread. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

We’ve made a change here in Roon 1.6 (Build 416) that we believe should address the behavior reported here. Please update Roon and give this a try. You can read the full release notes here: