Query about size of internal storage in Roon Nucleus (Rev B)

I’ve just become a happy owner of a Roon Nucleus (Rev B). My question is fairly simple but I haven’t found an answer in searching the community or Knowledge Base. I believe there is internal storage pre-installed in the Nucleus. If so, 1. What is its capacity? and 2. Do I have to do anything before I drag and drop music to it? (My main music library is on a USB external drive but I want to additionally utilise the internal storage if possible.
Thank you.

Hi @Peter_Simmons1, the Nucleus doesn’t come with Internal Storage by default, but it is something you optionally add on when purchasing. If you added additional storage when purchasing the Nucleus, you can confirm the amount of storage available by checking the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.

If you didn’t purchase a Nucleus with internal storage already installed, you can learn more about adding internal storage yourself in our Help Center.

Thank you, dylan.

Adding an external USB drive works fine as well for music storage. With the added benefit that you can also use it for database backups.

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