Question about a TV or Screen Display

Sorry if a repeat: does any configuration of Roon (including, say, C4’s API) support a large screen version display of what’s playing?

Did I read/hear somewhere that it is not in RAAT’s DNA to send a video signal along with audio?

Thanks, no longer NOOB, still DUMBEE

You could always use airplay or a screen share application to throw your phone or tablet display to your TV and accomplish your desired goal. You are correct that Roon is not sending video.

An OPPO UDP as endpoint displays a 1080/2160p now playing screen with artwork, though it is a custom screen, not a Roon screen and is very basic.


An iPad can mirror its screen to an Apple TV.
And a Windows machine can too, either wired or with a Miracast WiFi adapter like this.

Something like this?

This is the Roon add-on for Kodi, using an extension and the API

You betcha, Nicolas, assuming Kodi comes with that screensaver. :slight_smile:

Seriously, is this how you cast Roon to the screen?? I saw the extension, but the name ‘Kodi’ did not ring a bell. Wow!

And I just happen to have an idle RPi hanging around. Seems like I found a new project. Thanks!

PS: any tips, hint, speedbumps using this much appreciated.

It’s a specific “Window” of the extension, which provides other Roon-related stuff, which I do not use. It’s very neat, gathers the graphics and all, even the disc is spinning.

It’s pretty straightforward to get going, no speed bump that I remember, just follow the instructions.

Now, rolling out Kodi just for that is a bit like using a sledgehammer when a spoon would have been enough…

Kodi on a Raspberry Pi is dead easy and quick with LibreELEC.

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@spockfish Harry how a version of Ropieee with HDMI out for big display zone with optional or non audio feature?

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Now that really would be cool !

In real life: