Question about Dropbox backups

Thanks for asking. No crashes as of yet, so seems fine.

One issue I do have is the Dropbox backups. I hadn’t been backing up my database before but latterly have set it to backup every 4 days. The problem is it won’t work after the first time because it says there’s no space left in the drive. I thought Dropbox would provide more space than just one backup, but I expect I’m not doing something right. Do I have to sign up and buy storage?

Yes you do need to pay for space you get very little for nothing.Backups can be very large dependant on the size of your library.

Exactly. I stopped using Dropbox backup for that very reason.

I just signed up for a free Dropbox Basic account with 2 GB of storage and my first Roon backup is in progress. Roon says the backup is 66% complete and my Dropbox backup folder is just over 270 MB.

No idea how much space the backup will take, the backup folder on my local hard drive is 1.28 GB and is set to keep 10 backups as is my Dropbox backup. My library only has 464 albums at the moment with 383 of them from Tidal. That works out to 6,698 tracks with 5,769 of them from Tidal. I’m hoping to be able to use the Dropbox Basic account for a few months before having to upgrade to a paid account.


I wish there where more cloud options than just Dropbox.

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I have about 12, 000 tracks. And Dropbox won’t complete a second backup. Need to spend some time looking into this.

My backup folder on Dropbox for 6,698 tracks is 373 MB leaving me around 1.64 GB free of my 2 GB. I don’t know if database growth per track is linear but I would think that 12,000 tracks should not take much more than 800 or 900 MB. Do you have anything else stored on Dropbox?


I’ve only done one backup on my Dropbox account and it says it’s full and can’t do anymore. I have a read warning triangle on my Roon screen now saying I’m not backed up.

As I’ve only made one backup (I have about 12000 tracks I think), why is this happening and what can I do to backup my database?

Can anyone explain how to do it? I don’t want to lose everything again.

PS. My Nucleus crashing problem seems to have been solved by upsampling all file types to DSD before output via USB. I’m outputting them at DSD128 which processes at x2.4 speed.

You obviously don’t have enough space on the account. You really should try backing up to a NAS or other pc with a harddrive attached to see how big your library is, then backup to cloud as an extra backup I would not rely on just DropBox. Your Roon library can get very big especially if your keeping more than one backups which is the standard I think. Mine is currently 15GB in size which 10 backups kept and I have around 35k tracks, remember track count included tidal as well.

Thanks Simon, but this doesn’t tally with the previous posters comment. With 2gb I should have loads of space left. I don’t understand it.

TBH I don’t know how to backup my database other than using the Dropbox link in Roon, which I’m assuming I’ve done correctly, but who knows?

  • I’ve been ripping the last few of my SACDs today and copying them to the Network folder where I can access the Nucleus SSD. Can I access my a Database from the Nucleus > Data folder, then copy it to my laptop HDD? I can’t see a file called Database.

No you can’t copy it. I suggest you read the backup instructions thoroughly

You can add a backup location in storage using a network path to appropriate computer hdd or Nas device and then use this when setting up your schedule backups as the location to back it up to.

You can even do it to a local usb stick or drive attached to the Nucleus just make sure it’s not the one with music on it though. Make sure it’s formatted first to something your pc can read.


Thanks for the link Simon. I’ll have a read.

Don’t know how to do the things you’ve suggested, hopefully the KB will help.

My library is up to almost 7,200 tracks, I’ve added about 500 since my first Dropbox backup and a second backup was made on the 7th. It now has 4,577 files and takes up just over .5 GB.

I also make two local backups with the same settings, every four days and keep ten

One has 5,296 files and takes up 1.36 GB. The other has 5,348 files and takes up 1.05 GB.

My library is mostly Tidal ( 408 of 489 albums ) and the space required to backup Tidal albums may be less than what is required to backup a local album.

Greg … I’m assuming you have installed Dropbox on at least one computer. If so have you looked to see what you have stored in Dropbox. On Windows 10 it shows up just above OneDrive in Windows Explorer.


Its not tht hard to follow, its like setting up anything to copy on a pc. Yo get a usb drive or large memory stick. Format it on your pc. Plug it in to your Nucleus. It will see it as storage. Set you backup to go to it. Job done. Then back this up elsewhere manually once a week by removing the stick and and plugging it into your pc and copy the files off or upload to the cloud.

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I’ve not installed Dropbox, it was on the Roon Nucleus when I got it.


Do you still make cloud backups using something other than Dropbox? If so, what service do you use and how do you make your backups?

Thanks … Tim

I’ve only ever made one backup and that was to Dropbox via the Nucleus screen, yet it says my 2gb are full.

Nope, stopped using Dropbox totally. It took forever to backup and I tried restoring from it and it also took forever. The issue is the backup is literally thousands of small files individually to and from Dropbox. I’ve toyed with the Idea of just zipping the local backups and then manually copying it to Dropbox, but, I’ve never done the testing to trust that methodology.


I added Dropbox because it was available and free up to 2 GB which appears to be enough for me at the moment. I’ve not tried a restore yet and probably never will.

Once I run out of space on Dropbox I’ll have a decision to make but for the moment I feel a bit better with a backup on Dropbox than without.