Question about getting started with raspberry pi

I have the schiit modi multibit that I would like to use and stream to it. I considered using sonos connect but after reading it seems that I can get a raspberry pi 2 or 3 and plug it in to the dac via USB much cheaper. If I decide to go this route do I just need to buy the raspberry pi 2 or 3, a case, USB cable, and an sd card to load Roon bridge?

Also if I ever got the hifiberry digi + to expand to coax or optical does this just plug in to the raspberry pi in the same case or do I need to separate cases?

Thank you


Yes, but you would need a linux distr. Dietpi is an easy way to go.

It is plug and play but you would need a new case to accomodate the extra HAT. Cases are pretty cheap though.

Should I just go ahead me add either the digi HATs? Also will all of the digi HATs just plug into the top of the raspberry pi?

You could. I suggest you also look at

There is many options out there.

Will any of those cases hold the raspberry pi and the digi +?

These ones will:

I have the last one. It’s nice. :slight_smile:

Why would you need the Digi+ with its SPDIF connections when you can just connect the Modi Multibit to the RPi 3 via USB?

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Yes, that’s my question. Especially considering that the greatest resolution is generally from the USB port. If it’s because of the potential for noise, get a Schiit Wyrd for $100. Just bought one and among other benefits it lower the noise floor on my Little Dot appreciably.

I can and was planning to connect via USB, mainly wanted to add the other for the learning experience and if I needed to use those outputs in the future.

My set up is RBP 3B+ ALLO DIGI with Roon connected to Modi Multibit with COAX