Question about NAD C388

Hi all,

I’m new to all this, so sorry if this has been answered before. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just discovered Roon and bought myself a Roon Labs Nucleus, and I must say I am very impressed!!
I have a Hegel H95 amp, that’s not Roon Ready, and probably never will be?
So i am thinking of buying a new amp that’s Roon Ready, and sell my Hegel.

So I’m looking at the NAD C388? Would you recommend this amp?
Can i control the volume from the Roon remote app to this amp?
Do I need a BluOS module to control the volume from the roon remote app?

Thanks for all answers! :+1:


You can make any amp ready just by adding either a network bridge or Roon ready DAC.

For example, there is the allo digione which takes Ethernet in and puts out coax and is a Roon Endpoint.

That way you can get Roon to stream to your Hegel.

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Hi Rugby,

And thanks for answering me.

Thanks for the tip regarding adding a network bridge or a Roon ready DAC.

But I’m thinking about buying myself a new Roon ready amp?
So i have my eyes on the NAD C388?
Do you now if i can control the volume from the Roon remote app to this amp or do I need a BluOS module?

Thanks again for all answers!


Hi Harry,

Well, I home demo’d that NAD and returned it in favor of a Peachtree. Additionally, I do not use software volume controls and only use hardware controls. So, I am not the best to answer those direct questions.

Although, you do need the bluOS module for that amp to be Roon Ready; as Roon Ready specifically means the device has a network connection and is running integrated Roon endpoint code. Without that module, the amp does not have a network connection and is not running the Roon endpoint code as that is part of the module.

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Hi Rugby,

And thanks for the answer! :+1:
Really appreciate the answers! I’m pretty new to this music stream world.
I learn a little every day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you now anything about the Cambridge Audio Evo 75?

I have not used one, so I don’t like to say one way or another without actual “hands on”. Since, I have not heard either, so can’t directly comment.

One thing to do is to search these forums on whatever gear you are researching. It can give you insight on potential support issues. etc. Although, If you are also thinking about the Cambridge, I would suggest changing the title to add it so that Cambridge users would know to drop by and add opinions, etc.

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I have a nad m10 and nad c658. I love both of them sound wise. You can also play with room correction and on the odd occasion that Roon is down blu os has worked well.

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Thanks Rugby for all help!
Really appreciate it!! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi garye,

Thanks for the answer!

I will maybe go for a NAD C388 with BlueOS? Seems like a good amp?

The c700 has it built in but not Dirac. I think the c399 is a new amp. Maybe worth a look?
I would find a dealer and go have a listen, preferably with your speakers.
Like I said. I enjoy the ‘NAD’ sound.

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Hi garye,

Thanks for the tips.

I have a pair of DALI OBERON 9, and maybe the NAD C388 would match this speakers well?

Just going to throw this into the mix…

If you like the Hegel house sound both the h120 and h190 have just finally passed Roon certification and are indeed Roon Ready.

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Hi TheHammer,

Yes i read that they have updated some of their amps, But i think that i will probably never get my Hegel H95 updated?

I’m use tannoy so couldn’t say. I believe the group who own nad distribute Dali in the US? If that’s true I doubt they would do so if they didn’t suit.

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That’s true garye! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think the h95 is on their roadmap, at least I have not read it yet.
Next on the fulfillment of promise list are the big boys, the h390 and h590.

I was suggesting the h120/190 as a possible replacement if you like the Hegel sound.

I have to admit that I personally did like the Hegel sound, I had a h300 and h360 previously and both were splendid.

However they were pre network integrated amps anyway so the lack of Roon back then meant nothing.


Yes i like the Hegel sound, so i will definitive have the h120/h190 in my mind. :+1:

Thanks for the reply!
Really appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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