Question about new device audio power icon

Hi there,

I’ve just installed a new Arcam Solo Uno on my network for the kitchen (Roon + Arcam | Get Roon for a Better Music Experience).

All is working well, but there’s one feature I don’t understand. On the volume control, it now displays a Power Icon in Red. I don’t get this on my other Roon endpoints (1 x CCA and one RPi4 running Ropiee). It is red when playing. When I press it, it stops the stream. But it doesn’t power down the box (which is done by a physical button). Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.

Hello @Benet_Northcote,

The ARCAM Solo Uno exposes a “standby” control to Roon.

Many devices offer a “standby” feature which keeps the network module activated while entering a low-power mode for the audio boards on the device. This is separate from a “power” switch which would turns off everything in the unit. The button on the front of the Solo Uno is a power switch.

The control you’re seeing in Roon allows you to control the wake/standby status of the device.

That said, I attached a power meter to the Solo Uno, there doesn’t appear to be much (if any) difference between wake / standby modes. The idle power usage of the device is around ~3w regardless of standby state which is fairly efficient.


Hi @john
Thanks for looking into this (and sorry for my slow reply!). That makes sense… thank you. Not surprising the power fluctuation is so small - but I suppose it’s something. Thanks again for the info.

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