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I deleted all the rest of the content in this template, as my question is not technical in nature. My renewal date is coming up in May, and while overall I am a satisfied Roon user, I am really frustrated with the lack of portrait support for my iPad Pro 11". I’d like to know that the team is working towards addressing this in an upcoming release before I renew. I’m not looking for a commitment for inclusion of this feature in a specific release or release date, just acknowledgement that its being worked on and will appear in some future release.

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I might be wrong but I think the latest update addresses this.

You’re wrong (no offence). Portrait mode only applies to 12.9” models.

Hi @John_Mesberg!

I can imagine it must be quite inconvenient to not have Roon display in portrait on your iPad. Thanks for posting this question.

I’ve checked with our product team and it looks like this is something we’re already working on. While I don’t have a firm timeline to share, we will definitely let you know when we know :slight_smile:.

If there’s anything else, I’m always happy to stay connected.

Be safe & enjoy the music :musical_note:!


Thank you for your prompt reply Rebeka. I will renew and keep my fingers crossed.

That’s great to hear @John_Mesberg! We’re delighted to have you stay with us.

We’ll definitely announce the update once it’s up and running.


Ok Bart, apologies.

No worries. The release notes are up for interpretation. In fact, your interpretation was quite plausible.

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