Question For Any SMSL SU-9 DAC Owners

Currently I am using a Pi 4 with DigioOne HAT going to a Khadas ToneBoard DAC. Am I correct in assuming that the SMSL SU-9 will only decode MQA with the USB and not the optical In from the DigiOne? If so, have you noticed any noise introduced by the USB to SMSL SU-9 vs optical


I don’t use optical but correct, only USB can do MQA. I have my SU-9 set for “render only” because I need to use DSP for convolution filters with MQA.

Thank you. Based on my current setup, would you say that this would be a noticeable upgrade, sound wise?

I’m likely not qualified for DAC comparisons as I’m one that finds diminishing returns after about $400… I upgraded from my iFi Zen DAC because iFi has an issue with gapless MQA playback so I got the SU-9 mainly as an alternative but also because it has fixed volume output compared to their M500.