Question re moving files

I have a question about Roon metadata and moving files.

I’ve corrected the metadata on some albums in my library (but haven’t made any permanent changes to the files).

Later on, if I re-organise the files in my library (moving albums into different subfolders), will Roon lose the metadata associations or is it able to recognise that the same files are in a new location?


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Generally speaking, if you’re not modifying the files while they’re being moved, and you’re moving them within the same watched folder, you shouldn’t have any issues.

I would be very careful about making any changes to the files while you’re moving them, as Roon will have no way to track the file and will likely consider it a new import.

Thanks for that @mike.

I did a test some time ago with Tags. When moving a tagged album from one watched folder to another, with Roon running, the tags were retained. It is crucial that both folders are already watched. Moving to an unwatched folder and then retrospectively watching it resulted in tags being lost.

That was a good result. I’m sorry I can’t say which Build that was.

Recently (later build, probably shortly before 1.1 release) I tested it with a cover edit in similar circumstances, and the edit was lost. Not such a good result.

It would be great to get a statement from the team (@brian?) about whether both of these scenarios (with tags, and with a cover edit; from watched folder to watched folder while Roon is running) should have worked.

Thanks, it worked for me moving within a single watched folder.