Question: Roon ARC USB driver vs. LG Vxx series support?

Does the Roon ARC USB driver support bitperfect playback via the built-in DAC or does it only support connecting an external DAC?
I have an LG V50 phone and the Hifi Quad DAC does not improve the sound quality by turning on the USB driver mode.
The USB Audio Player Pro Android app bitperfect mode works on LG Vxx series devices, definitely sounds better than Roon ARC; it even supports MQA mode.

Hi @Zoltan_Korpas,

Thank you for your tremendous demonstration of patience as we worked through the queue to reach your inquiry.

We have not tested compatibility via built-in DACs - currently, ARC is limited to the quality imposed by the Android API. That is to say, the app cannot bypass the system (Android) mixer without external hardware being connected that instructs it to.

That said, there’s an internal ticket to investigate alternate APIs or other workarounds to engage with built-in DACs on Android devices. We recommend you create a feature request in the #feedback:feature-suggestions section for full visibility and so other users can add their voice. We’ll be reading that section diligently.

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