Queue behaviour - play next does result in direct play [Resolved]

@support hi there, just noted a kind of different behaviour compared to previous experiences. With Roon 1.4 (build 294), adding a song/title to the queue as ‘as next’ I.e. Play after current song, will start the new song directly and keep the song played before in the queue. By the way, played items do not disappear / are not deleted from the queue which gets longer and longer. This only happened after the last update. Would be great if you could check and fix this (if required :wink: )

Best wishes for the New Year!

Looking forward to 2018 with Roon - it’s fantastic! Thanks so much for taking care…


Hi Sven,

Make sure all your Roon remotes are on the current version 294 and read about the new functionality here.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg, thanks, just realised that I kept my iPad on iOS 10 for purpose. As a consequence, Roon app is still 1.3… hm, now I really have a reason to update to iOS 11… actually would have preferred to stick to 10… but if Roon requires 11 … :grinning:
Topic can be closed… from my iPhone with Roon 1.4 everything is fine, just upgraded and checked it.
Many thanks


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