Queue stops after every song on Linn DAC, in case resolution (kHz or Bit rate) changes

Yes, unfortunately it stops using custom DSD 64 output too.

The interesting thing is that it works with DSD 128…

Yes, this is really puzzling. Internally, Roon always goes to 64Bit. The “Sigma Delta Simulator” before the Linn comes in the game is the only difference I can see in the signal path.

*“Sigma-Delta Modulator“, sorry

Hi @Matthias_Isemer,

Thanks for confirming this issue only occurs on DSD64! I’ve requested some additional feedback regarding your case from our technical team.

I can’t quite comment on when this request will reach their queue, but thank you for your patience here during this holiday season!

DSD128 stops sometimes in the middle of the song, although I have a conversion rate of 5-6x
I don`t know if this has the same root cause or it‘s the next instability.
Issue with DSD64 is still not solved. I‘m still hoping someone can help me.

Hi @Matthias_Isemer,

We’ve reached out to Linn regarding your report and we’re looking into this, once I have an update from the team, we’ll let you know, thanks!

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Have you received any response? Today starting at 3pm PST, after disconnecting then reconnecting simultaneously 5 times after a couple of minutes of playing each time, I gave up and shut down. I was streaming continually from 10am until 3pm with no issues. This has been going on for many months and I’ve exhausted all other possibilities except the SelectDSM. If this is an issue between Linn and Roon I really need to know. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to resolve this by the process of elimination. Do something please!!!

Hi Robert, no response so far! Unfortunately. I try to stay positive, but after Update on Roon 1.8 with no change I’m getting more and more desperate. You’re right, Roon ready should mean that it works. Do you have a lifetime licence too?

Yes I do for about 6 months

Hi Roon Support, any update after 2 month? Did Linn reply on your request? Even the DSD128 stops and I‘m obviously not the only one with this issue.
Linn launched new product line, as well for Klimax DSM. What about compatibility with Roon? Thanks in advance for your update.

Hi @Matthias_Isemer

We are continuing to work with Linn on this. I don’t have any specific timeframes I can offer just yet, but we’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as we have information to provide on this. We appreciate your patience as we continue working on this!

Guys, any update from your conversation with Linn?
I still can not listen music via Roon without hick-ups.

Hi @Matthias_Isemer ,

We have an active development ticket regarding this behavior, but as per company policy, we cannot share any specific timelines of when the ticket will fully make it through the dev team’s queue. Your patience here is appreciated!