Quick question re changing storage folders

All tunes reside on same machine as Core, running Linux. All drives mounted to /alib

Roon previously pointed to /alib only in storage folders.

To speed up startup scan I’ve disabled /alib in storge folders and redefined as follows:

Is Roon going to leverage what it already knows from the disabled storage space or is it going to re-ingest everything from scratch and in effect build a new library?

Hi @evand,

As long as the original watched folder was disabled before the others were added, Roon should identify that the same content was is being used and match them up accordingly. If the original folder was active at all during the process of adding the new ones, they would be imported fresh.

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I did disable before adding the others, did it all just before starting this thread. It’s still ingesting 12 hours later and analysis is turned off?


After close on 24 hours (with analysis turned off) Roon’s completed the transition of storage folders. I’m a little surprised to see this under library maintenance (I was clean prior to making the changes outlined in this thread). Does this mean that Roon didn’t behave as anticipated?


Hi @evand,

Were these files showing in Library Maintenance before the folder change? Are your edits / playlists showing correctly?

If no, you might want to restore from a backup and try to Edit the path instead of just disabling, then you can add the folders.

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