Quicker Tidal new album availability

I love Roon and if there were no more updates it genuinely would not bother me.
However I would like to see the above . It’s 7pm here in the UK and I still can’t listen to the new 1975 album when using roon.


agreed. it’s very annoying that new content takes at least another extra day or so. why is that?

I am not sure why . Most albums are available within a couple of hours so that’s not too bad. But sometimes it’s a delay of a day or so . I would love to see this fixed

It’s because Tidal bundles up all of the extra metadata that roon needs for a batch of releases and sends it over in a batch file. If any particular release misses a batch it has to wait for the next etc.
Roon have optimised their end so it is the reliance on tidal that causes hiccups.

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Thanks for the info , it’s not going to change anytime soon then

No. As I understand it, roon have optimised receipt to publish their end but there is still a process that Tidal, and Qobuz, have to do that will take time.

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The 1975 album still not showing this morning . I do understand that roon have done their bit, but it would be nice to think they can have some influence over tidal . I would imagine it’s something a lot of roon users would like to see improved

Qobuz seems to update more quickly than Tidal I find. First thing in morning on Fridays it’s there in the UK. There are some stragglers even here though that turn up later. I guess as Roon are not just using API calls like other software does as Ged has mentioned above they are at the Mercy of Tidal and Qobuz providing everything correctly and in a timely manner.

Yeah I do understand. It’s not a huge issue I guess more of a disappointment really . Also like I say surely roon can apply some pressure on tidal …just thinking out loud :grinning:

If you are unhappy with how Tidal handles it, by all means let them know. Pressure from their subscribers may matter as much as pressure from Roon.

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I use the Tidal iOS/Desktop app and a Bluesound Node 2i (Airplay 2) for exactly this (for fresh new releases).

It’s been a weekly issue for me, for years.

The technical reason/s why you may need to wait up to 2 days for it to show in Roon is here:

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Thanks for the replies . The picture is much clearer now , but it’s not good news is it .
Yes I will contact tidal . It’s worth a quick email.
The 1975 album still not there this morning. It’s not a deal breaker for me , but as a music lover I love new release day , and this does frustrate on the odd occasion


Even though I have a way around it, it still drives me bonkers every week :grin:

Usually, you could work around this problem by adding the albums directly in Tidal to your library. But this doesn’t seem to work anymore. There is a bunch of albums released on May 21. & 22., which are still not yet available in Roon (24.), e.g. “Dedicated Side B” by Carly Rae Jepsen. But not all of them, e.g. Soulfly.

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Yes I used to use that workaround myself.
The issue seems worse this week as there are a lot of missing albums

Still missing for me … wondering if the 40 hour target observes holidays?

We’re aware of some missing TIDAL albums and are working directly with TIDAL to resolve this problem. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Cc: @dylan


Good news, thanks Joel as the 1975 album is still not there

Top tip! If it doe not show in roon dont worry, open the tidal app and add it to your favourites and it pulls through into roon much quicker. Its not a fix but it works and saves waiting forever.

P.S. The 1975s album isn’t worth listening to outside of a handful of tracks, very disappointed.

Sorry you’re not enjoying it Paul. I found the 50% I listened to while riding the mower (noise cancelling HP were invented for this) one of their better releases.